As established local bathroom fitters in Norfolk, we’ve installed plenty of bathrooms – from small washrooms to massive master bathrooms.

So it’s only natural that we’ve seen just about every bathroom style you can think of. And we’re often the first ones to spot what’s trending in bathrooms. Recently, we’ve been pleased to see that gun metal bathrooms are in the spotlight once again.

Are you a fan of gun metal in the bathroom? It’s a great material to work with as it can add a dash of mysterious allure to a bathroom in many different ways.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with an introduction to gun metal elements in the bathroom, tips on maximising its beauty, and what to pair with this captivating material.

Latest in Bathroom Décor: Gun Metal

If you’re a bathroom décor enthusiast and love nothing more than creating a unique and stylish bathroom interior, then why not upgrade your bathroom with gun metal? It just might become your latest obsession.

Inspired by the metal of firearms, gun metal provides an edgy, chic and dramatic dynamic to a bathroom and it’s available at The Bathroom Place.  

We think that this range of gun metal bathroom fixtures and fittings creates a luxurious sanctuary that has a bit of an edge to it. 

Gun Metal in Different Bathroom Styles 

One big reason why we highly recommend gun metal in bathroom interiors is because of its versatility. This dark, smooth material blends in well with multiple different bathroom styles.

Such beloved bathroom styles as:

If you want an entirely new bathroom fitted and you have a good idea of the style you want, adding stylish gun metal bathroom installations is easy because there are so many styles it works well with.

Gun Metal Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings 

We offer so many products at The Bathroom Place and we have no short supply of gun metal bathroom products.

With so many varying products available in gun metal, you can choose how much or how little you want to showcase elegant gun metal finishes.

Our Norfolk bathroom design experts definitely have plenty to play with when it comes to gun metal. When you come to planning out your bathroom design, you could work with us and choose from multiple gun metal bathroom fixtures and fittings, including:

  • Gun metal brassware in multiple sizes
  • Gun metal showers in many variations
  • Heated towel rail in gun metal
  • Even entire gun metal wetrooms  
  • Gun metal LED bathroom mirrors

If that has got you in the mood for some bathroom design inspiration, check out our brochure to see everything we have to offer.

Upgrade Your Bathroom With Gun Metal Bathroom Accessories 

Another great feature of gun metal is its ability to draw attention via the finest of details. Paying attention to your bathroom accessories is a great way to impress more subtly.

You don’t have to go for a full gun metal bathroom to create a unique space. Instead, you could focus on small killer bathroom accessories in this cool and streamlined material.

Achieve bathroom elegance with gun metal accessories, like:

  • Gun metal robe hooks
  • Tumbler holder in gun metal
  • Gun metal towel bars and rails
  • Gun metal handles and wall plates

Remember that if you already have a space you love, you can upgrade your bathroom with gun metal using our help. To deck out your bathroom with stylish gun metal bathroom installations – big or small – we can supply you with the products and leave the fitting to you.

Trendy Gun Metal Bathroom Design Pairings 

In all of our Norfolk-based bathroom installations, we always like to consider pairing options in a bathroom’s design.

You know how it goes – some materials pair well with others and not so well with the rest. And the same is true for colours in a bathroom. It can be quite rare to find a material that pairs with others as well as gun metal does.

Whether you’re using gun metal to blend in with an overall style, or using it more for a juxtaposition effect, this material can make a great pairing option.

Some things we like to pair gun metal with are:

  • Neutral, light colours, such as light grey and off-white
  • Stone and marble
  • Concrete – they look similar and blend well
  • Or try wood for an interesting countering effect

Maintaining Gun Metal in Bathroom Interiors 

Here at The Bathroom Place in Norfolk, we provide top-quality gun metal bathroom products. But you still need to keep on top of bathroom maintenance if you want your fixtures and fittings looking great for as long as possible.

In terms of cleaning your gun metal bathroom products, you should regularly wipe down these surfaces to prevent grime and water spots. Use mild soap, water and a soft cloth to do this.

Try to be gentle when cleaning and avoid too much aggressive scrubbing with abrasive scrubbers or harsh cleaning agents. When done with your gentle cleaning, rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.

Final Thoughts on Stylish Gun Metal Bathroom Installations

Will you be considering adding elegant gun metal finishes to your bathroom?

If you’re searching for someone who can provide professional bathroom renovation in Norfolk, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you would like a trendy gun metal bathroom design, a whole new bathroom fitted, or just a few bathroom products supplied, reach out to us to see how we can help.