When it comes to how we get clean every day, we all have our preferences, our wash rituals, so to speak. Some, like to wash in the mornings and others are more of evening bathers. Whatever time you wash, do you tend to opt for a bath over a shower, or vice versa? You might be a cold water fanatic, as opposed to being part of team hot water. 

Really, however you choose to wash, is down to personal preference but is how we choose to wash deeper than that? Let’s discuss it in a game of this or that. 

Bath or Shower?

The age-old debate between shower people and bath people. While most of us likely switch between the two every now and again, we all have our favourite. So, which are you? 

As it turns out, both baths and showers come with their own set of benefits, perhaps hearing what each option can do for you, you could be swayed into picking a new favourite wash routine. 

Benefits of showering:

  • Showers get you cleaner than a bath, as they cleanse your entire body
  • Can boost your immune system 
  • Steam and warmth can alleviate your muscles 
  • They may burn fat 
  • Showers can trigger a release of toxins 
  • Could stimulate blood flow at your scalp, improving the way your hair looks
  • Can help treat depression 

Benefits of bathing:

  • Great way of relaxing muscles 
  • Provide gentle exfoliation of the skin 
  • Taking warm baths each day can lead to less stress, fatigue and depression 
  • Can stimulate your nervous system 
  • Lots of different types of baths come with their own benefits: aromatherapy baths, cold and flu baths, sitz baths and oatmeal baths

Morning or Evening?

This is another question that has people split right down the middle. On one side, you have those who see their morning wash as the pivotal point to starting their day, they may even claim they cannot function without one. Then you have the evening cleaners who would never get into bed without, at the very least, a quick rinse. 

But which is better, is there a direct answer?

Like the argument for bathing over showering, both washing in the morning and evening come with their own sets of pros. 

Benefits of a morning wash:

  • Wash away sweat and bacteria gathered from your sleep 
  • A way to wake yourself up, ready for the day 

Benefits of an evening wash:

  • Washes away dirt and bacteria gained throughout the day 
  • A soothing way to unwind, ready for bed 

Hot or Cold Wash?

You may have come across the revelation that is a cold shower in recent years – some swear by washing with cold water as having so many polarising advantages, other than just getting clean. Then, on the flip side, there are people who wouldn’t dare to wash using cold water; with these guys, it’s all about heat and warmth as the best way to wash, whether that’s a shower or bath, in the evening or morning. 

With that being said, let’s compare the two.

Benefits of washing with cold water: 

  • In the morning, a shock to the system to wake you up 
  • Can promote metabolism 
  • Energy-boosting 
  • Can improve mood 
  • Can boost skin health and appearance 
  • Could act as an anti-depressive effect on the body
  • Can benefit hair health and potentially improve growth
  • Relive skin itchiness and inflammation 

Benefits of washing with hot water:

  • Steam or hot water will open up pores, making it easier to clean out dirt build-up
  • Reduce blemishes 
  • Can lead to clearer skin 
  • Could improve sleep 
  • Relax muscles and relieve tension build-up
  • Could decrease chances of infection as some bacteria can’t tolerate higher temperatures 
  • Can encourage healthy circulation in the body 

In Conclusion 

With this many benefits to different ways of washing, you really can’t go wrong. But it’s important to know that there are negatives and cons to different washing methods, so be sure to do some of your own research. 

Whatever type of bathroom person you are, perform your morning or evening routines in a bathroom you love. At The Bathroom Place, we have the skills and expertise to create your dream bathroom. To find out how we can help you, get in touch with us today.