One Bathroom trend picking up speed lately has been the introduction of plants to the bathroom environment. Why is that? It’s simple really, plants add character to any room, they can add a splash of vibrance and colour to a dull corner or make the window ledge a bit more exciting.

Plants have grown more popular in the bathroom as more people have realised you don’t have to be green-thumbed to keep them alive and thriving.

What Plants Do Well in the Bathroom?

As we know, the bathroom can often be a humid environment. And so, not all plants will do well in this habitat. But luckily, there are many plants that thrive in such environments. This means you won’t have to do much but provide some attention to your plants every now and again but mainly, your job will be to admire your plants as they grow.

So, what are some examples of good plants to have in the bathroom? Let’s take a look.

Asparagus Fern – This plant is a favourite for the bathroom as it loves the humidity. So, if you include this one in your bathroom, you can expect it to reach heights of up to two feet tall; its branches can grow out laterally to reach an astonishing six feet.

This plant is ideal in an area that can expect to receive both moderate and bright light, making this plant a great addition to your bathroom window ledge.

This plant comes with a warning. It is toxic to cats and dogs so be sure to keep it away from your pets.

Orchids – Now for a splash of colour. Depending on the variety, you can expect to see such amazing, bright colours as pink, purple, white and red. There are many varieties of Orchids, so the ideal light level can range. Though, with any Orchid, if you want these to be blooming to their full potential, they need a decent amount of light.

With the right light, this plant can bloom for weeks! As long as your bathroom doesn’t get too cold, this plant will grow and thrive – adding that all-important freshness and uplifting vibe.

Snake Plant – Another beautiful plant, the Snake Plant is coloured dark green with yellow stripes, making this plant one that will stand out in your bathroom. They differ from trailing and vining plants by growing vertically. Depending on variety, you can expect this plant to grow between eight inches and four feet.

To keep the leaves growing vertically, twine or sticks can be used to hold up the leaves to keep that vertical growth encouraged. Avoid direct sunlight with this plant – keep in an area that is bright and warm.

Spring Theme

Now is a perfect time for you to start enjoying plants in the bathroom. After all, we are in the season of new beginnings so having live, healthy plants that will grow in your bathroom is a great way to celebrate Spring.

In conclusion

The plants mentioned in this blog are only a few examples of plants that can do well in the bathroom. There are so many plants to choose from that will brighten your bathroom and add that character every bathroom deserves.

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