We have so many different collections for our customers to choose from. While we think it’s a good thing to spoil our customers for choice, we understand that when deciding on the collection for you, it can be tricky to find the perfect one – especially with so many to choose from. 

So, we thought we’d help you out a bit and break down our collections into some different categories that we know our customers love. 

Modern Magic

One of the most popular categories among collections and products is ‘modern’. In this day and age, we are, most of us, lovers of that cool, sleek and modern look. Especially when it comes to our homes and the rooms within our homes. 

So, here are a few collections that we believe will deliver that modern look you’re looking for. 

Sofia – One of our best-selling collections, the products in Sofia’s collection are definitely not ones to be ignored. This beautiful range of handleless products is pristine and inviting, not only do they look the part but they are functional and practical. 

Skye – Skye provides you with an interesting take on what it means for a product to be classed as ‘modern’ with square-shaped products, such as sink basin, WC and bath. 

Leven – ‘Sleek’ would be the best word to describe this collection. This range of products can come in a standard or streamlined fit, making them adaptable to any design. 

For The Small Bathrooms

What about those of us who don’t have much space in our bathrooms? No problem here, we offer many collections that have the capacity to cater to the bathrooms that are, somewhat, lacking in space. 

Remember, compromising on space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. These collections prove it.

Elgin – Our most popular collection for our customers with smaller bathrooms or our en-suite projects. Elgin boasts a sophisticated and simple yet aesthetically-pleasing solution to drab, small bathrooms.

Minuto – The products within this collection are perfect for smaller spaces while offering soft edges that fit in with any bathroom environment. 

Skara – A collection fit for any minimalist is that of Skara. Offering many product variations with no dust traps will keep your smaller bathroom looking its best at all times. 

A Touch of Elegance

Who doesn’t want their bathroom to stand out as elegant and unique? You may be interested to learn that you can achieve this for your own bathroom with some of the collections here at The Bathroom Place. 

After all, they say the rooms in our homes are extensions of ourselves – our character and personality. So, with that being said, if you are a sucker for the finer things in life, let your bathroom reflect that about you with these collections. 

Westminster – Our newest collection combines traditional Edwardian style with the cool, streamlined and modern look to create a magnificent hybrid. The products from this collection come with stunning and sophisticated designs. 

Dunbar – For a more traditional bathroom design, you cannot go wrong with Dunbar. These products are unique and tasteful, perfect for suiting those bespoke bathrooms that aim to deliver on character. 

Versatility Is Key

Many of our customers want their new bathroom to be filled with many different products; to mix and match collections within one environment. While most of our collections are adaptable to work with different styles, there are some collections that do it just that little bit better. 

Arctic – These products are simple yet gorgeous, coming in gloss white and can be used within a variety of different styles and designs.  

Fusion – This collection offers the most variety when it comes to colour at The Bathroom Place, allowing you to express yourself within your bathroom while working with other products. 

Zaffiro – The potential to mix and match with this collection is huge, with its unique designs and easy-to-clean products. Making Zaffiro a top contender on any wishlist. 

In Conclusion 

With the collections we offer, there is something for everyone at The Bathroom Place. We know that no two bathrooms are the same and that is why we have chosen to offer these particular collections that offer diversity and value. 

For more information on the collections we offer, you can visit our website or one of our showrooms. Alternatively, get in touch with us today to kickstart your new bathroom journey.