Dreaming of a spring bathroom makeover in Norfolk? We understand why – spring is known as a time of renewal and revitalisation, and the bathroom is a great part of the home to work on improving. As the bathroom is a room that sees a lot of daily use and so a few signs of wear and tear are to be expected over time. 

If you’ve just about had enough of navigating a poorly laid out bathroom, or you’re sick of the lacklustre design of your space, or perhaps it’s simply time for a change, then spring is a great time to renovate your bathroom.

Spring Bathroom Makeover in Norfolk with The Bathroom Place

In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the reasons why a spring bathroom makeover is a great idea. Such reasons include some of the breathtaking spring bathroom ideas that are currently trending, and how you can treat your new or current bathroom to a spring clean with our helpful tips. 

But first, we wanted to let you know how you can action a spring bathroom makeover in Norfolk with our help. With our Fully Fitted Bathroom service, we can create a brand-new spring-inspired bathroom for you from start to finish all under one company

clean bathroom after spring bathroom makeover.

Alternatively, if you already have a bathroom you love but it just needs some fresh fixtures and fittings, or if you’ve got the fitting of your bathroom handled with some good old DIY, then we can supply you with some lovely spring bathroom products to bring some life and character to your bathroom. 

If you’re ready to transform your bathroom this spring, reach out to our team and set up a free consultation at one of our three Norfolk bathroom showrooms. 

Four Spring Bathroom Makeover Ideas and Trends 

Wednesday 20th March 2024 is the official first day of spring in the UK, and we’re ready to welcome the sunshine and warmer weather with open arms. If you’re like us, when we think of spring, we think of light and bright colours such as pink; flourishing flowers and greenery, and an overall happy and loving vibe. 

The following spring bathroom ideas are trending for their incredible representations of this time of year, as well as their recent uplift in popularity. We hope these trends will act as inspiration for your spring bathroom makeover in Norfolk. 

1. Biodynamic Bathroom Lighting is a Must

The seasons all come with different types of weather – summer is hot and sunny and winter is cold and darker. When it comes to spring, we’re typically treated to warmer weather as we come out of winter and the days are lighter for longer.

What’s this got to do with bathrooms? Well, one spring bathroom idea we’ve seen take off recently is the introduction of biodynamic lighting in the bathroom. Biodynamic lighting is a super cool feature to add to the bathroom as this lighting works by mimicking the dynamic natural variations of daylight. 

Choosing this as your bathroom lighting is one of our favourite spring bathroom ideas. It allows you to replicate cheerful spring sunshine in the mornings for your wake-up shower and then can simulate a soft spring sunset in the evenings when you wind down with a soak. 

2. Spathrooms Over Bathrooms 

A spathroom is the combination of both spa and bathroom to create a bathroom that acts just like a home spa. We’re not surprised to see this spring bathroom idea gain so much attention. After all, who wouldn’t want a spa bathroom? 

For many, spring is a time to relax and find peace in the most simple of pleasures, so it’s quite relevant to a spa bathroom. The main goal of a lush spathroom is to promote an overall calm and tranquil experience, just like the spa. But in a way, a spathroom is even better than the spa as you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy the benefits.

There is no rulebook to creating a spa bathroom; you’ve got to find what works for you, and despite what you might think, you can definitely create a spa bathroom on a budget

3. Make a Big Impact with Large-Format Tiles

The tiling you choose for your bathroom is a big decision. With so many colours and patterns to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice. Yet, you’ve also got to consider what size tiling you would like to go for. 

Lately, we’ve noticed more people are opting for large-format bathroom tiles. Why choose large format tiles? These tiles are used in a bathroom to create a seamless design that is mostly uninterrupted thanks to fewer grout lines when compared to smaller bathroom tiles. 

These larger tiles are also great for smaller bathrooms as they trick the eye into believing the room is larger than it is, simply because it’s tiling that looks less “busy”, which can promote a more cramped vibe. 

4. Fluted Detailing Bathroom Fixtures

Even the smallest details can make a massive difference to how a bathroom looks and feels. One great example of this is the spring bathroom idea of fluted detailing. It seems this design is making quite the comeback and we don’t foresee it going away any time soon. 

A fluted design boasts parallel, vertical, shallow grooves or ridges, giving surfaces a pleasing look and feel. At The Bathroom Place, our team love this design for its soft and calming appearance, and the fact that its presence can uplift a bathroom drastically. 

As of writing this blog, we will soon be offering fluted bathroom products as part of our new brochure. To know when the new brochure arrives and you can get your hands on some of these lovely fluted products, subscribe to our newsletter

How To Spring Clean Your Bathroom: 3 Steps

The season of spring is synonymous with spring cleaning, and if you’re planning a spring bathroom makeover in Norfolk, we suggest a spot of deep cleaning. Because essentially that is what a spring clean is – a fancy way of saying “deep clean”. So, follow along with us as we walk you through the steps of spring cleaning your bathroom. 

1. Start Fresh with a Bathroom Renovation

Before beginning a spring clean, if you can, refresh your bathroom space. After all, you don’t want to waste all of your energy spring cleaning a bathroom you’re not a massive fan of. With a bathroom refresh, you can create an entirely new space, one you’re proud to call your own. 

Our team of Norfolk bathroom experts can help you out with this step. At The Bathroom Place, we offer a complete service, from bathroom design through to installation. If you want your bathroom supplied and fitted by one company, reach out to our team today. 

So now that you have a refreshed bathroom space, consider this as not just a new bathroom but a new chapter, a new beginning. The next step is to deep clean. 

2. Bathroom Deep Clean Tips

If it’s your first time deep cleaning a bathroom, the task doesn’t have to be daunting, you just have to take it one step at a time. Keep reading for our top tips – follow these and you’ll have a sparkling clean bathroom in no time. 

  • Step 1 – Set aside a good amount of time to get through it. We’d suggest a half day. 
  • Step 2 – Clean out the extractor fan by getting rid of dust and using soapy water to clean the cover and unit. 
  • Step 3 – Wipe down the shower screen to get rid of hard water stains and lingering bacteria. If you have shower curtains, consider replacing these with a screen as it’s more sustainable and hygienic 
  • Step 4 – Descale the shower head.
  • Step 5 – Give the countertops, walling and flooring a thorough clean. Depending on what materials/surfaces you have in your bathroom, it’s best to research the best cleaning methods for each one. 
  • Step 6 – Deep clean the toilet and sink but do a more thorough job than you would in your daily/weekly cleaning. 
  • Step 7 – Get in the cracks of tiles to clean up the grout 
  • Step 8Give the bathtub a good clean using household products
  • Step 9 – Tackle any mould build-up you may have 

This is a basic checklist to get you started with your bathroom spring cleaning. Setting aside some time to give your bathroom a good thorough clean is the most important step. And remember that prevention is the best cure for a clean bathroom.

3. Declutter with Storage Solutions

Clutter is a common problem with any bathroom – whether it’s a big family bathroom or a soulful spathroom – and so equipping your bathroom with the correct storage solutions is essential.

There are plenty of great bathroom storage options available. You want to include storage solutions that can hold a decent amount of storage, but also look good and fit the overall style of a bathroom. In our brochure, for example, we have stunning sink basins that come with built-in storage or floating tall and slim drawers that can keep lots of essentials stored without taking up much room. 

Nothing puts a dampening mood on a bathroom like clutter; it invites a cramped and compact feel which just doesn’t align with that freeing spirit of spring.

Create Your Dream Spring Bathroom in Norfolk

In conclusion, spring is just around the corner (as of writing this), and it’s a brilliant time for some renewal in your home life. If your bathroom has been in dire need of a refresh and update, then why not do just that? 

The Bathroom Place has three bathroom showrooms in Norfolk in Dereham, Thetford and Kings Lynn. Visit your closest one to discuss a spring bathroom makeover in Norfolk. Contact us with an enquiry and see how we can help you.