Commercial Bathroom Renovation: Why You Should Renovate Your Commercial Bathroom in 2024

As a local business with three bathroom showrooms across Norfolk, we know that a commercial property is so much more than just a place of work. This means that keeping your business location fresh and up-to-date is vital. If this is something you know you need to work on, commercial bathroom renovation is a great place to start. 

Nothing ruins the charm of a building like a poorly constructed bathroom that has not been well maintained. And as bathroom fitting experts, we’re going to tell you why you should renovate your commercial bathroom.

Commercial Bathroom Renovation Improves Your Reputation

The reputation a business has is so important. If you have a good reputation, you want to keep it that way, right? 

One easy way for your reputation to suffer is as simple as having an outdated on-site bathroom. If a customer or client is visiting your office and they are forced to navigate a bathroom that is old, dated, stained, and uncoordinated, they are not going to leave with the best impression of your business.

Also, you don’t want to discount the view your employees


have of your reputation. An unpleasant bathroom that they must use every day will offer a negative outlook on your business. And their work could suffer as a result.

Achieving a great reputation as a business is no simple task. To keep a good reputation, you don’t want something so simple as not fitting a new bathroom to let you down.

Fit a New Bathroom for a Better Business Appearance

Tying into reputation, an old, dated bathroom on your business premises doesn’t lead to the best appearance. For example, if someone new to your shop decides to browse your products and needs to use the bathroom, leading them to a dingy and uncared-for bathroom may put them off from shopping in your store ever again.

Improving the appearance of your bathroom is a good idea, as bathrooms tend to age more quickly than other types of rooms. Thanks to everyday use by different people, the wetness and humidity of a bathroom, things can quickly get out of control.

It may be as simple as springing out for a few new bathroom products or in more extreme cases, a new bathroom design and installation may be needed

Renovate Your Office Bathroom for Sanitation and Health Reasons

Sanitation is something that cannot be overlooked for a commercial bathroom. We all know how easily germs can spread, especially in a bathroom. Businesses in Norfolk could benefit from receiving essential bathroom products to raise sanitation efforts.

With more attention to sanitation in your commercial toilets, you lessen the possibility of employees getting sick and then spreading their germs to co-workers. Before you know it, a good chunk of your workforce could be off sick.

Bathroom features that improve sanitation include:

  • Sensor-activated features – Such features as sensor-activated taps and flushers remove the need for hands to come into contact with surfaces.
  • Paper towel dispenser – Hand dryers are believed to spread germs further in a bathroom, so paper towels are usually better.
  • Wall cladding – Bathroom walling that is easier to keep clean means less chance of germs spreading.
  • Motion-activated lighting – Avoid using fingers to turn light switches on and off.
  • Double swing doors – These doors can be opened with a push of a forearm or a nudge of the hips. No more grabbing onto grubby door handles with freshly cleaned hands.

Fit an Environmentally-Friendly Commercial Bathroom

Some of the features outlined above tie into this aspect. Most commercial bathrooms nowadays have been fitted with more of a focus on the environment and the effects bathrooms have on the world around us.

But a business’s bathroom that was installed years ago and hasn’t been updated since, likely won’t benefit from these features.

Energy-saving bathrooms aren’t just perfect in an environmental capacity, but also because they save money. Features such as waterless urinals and sink aerators reduce the impact we have on consumption and save money on things like water bills.

Fitting a new eco-friendly bathroom in your workspace could be a first step towards a more sustainable business. This leads to your business being something the local community can look up to. Plus, your employees will feel good about working for a sustainably-conscious company.

Improve Morale at Work With a Commercial Bathroom Renovation

Your employees are one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, parts of your business. As a great employer, you want your workers to feel valued and appreciated. By doing so, they’re happy in their job and can work to the best of their abilities.

Something so simple as providing them with a functional and nice-looking bathroom can do wonders for morale. If, when they need to use the bathroom, your employees have to use an old bathroom that looks poor and doesn’t function properly, they’re not going to be pleased. And this could be reflected in their work. 

For the sake of your employees, consider to renovate your commercial bathroom could be the difference between your business failing or thriving.

Norfolk Businesses Can Upgrade Their Bathroom With The Bathroom Place

Did you know that we are commercial bathroom contractors in Norfolk? That’s right, along with helping homes create stunning new bathrooms, we also help businesses do the same at their commercial properties. 

We recently fitted this commercial bathroom in Kings Lynn for local garage, K. Brown Autos. Now, their customers and employees benefit from a modernised bathroom that comes stocked with the latest bathroom products. It’s easy to use and navigate and does everything you need a reliable bathroom to do. 

If you’re a local business and want to fit a new bathroom just like our clients did, then we’d love to hear from you. Speak to our amazing team today who will be able to help you get started with your commercial bathroom project. 

The Bathroom Place make bathroom fitting incredibly easy by taking care of everything for you, including designing, supplying and installing quality bathrooms.