Project Description

Mrs S | Watton

This bathroom underwent an incredible transformation! Originally, this was an oddball bathroom that was lacking in many vital aspects. Now, it’s a modern paradise.


Before the installation could begin, we had to address one huge concern, and that was to make this 4’ x 8’ rectangular room bigger so that we could truly reimagine this space.

Now with a larger L-shaped room, we could add in some essential fittings, such as a WC and sink basin with storage built-in.

After that, we focused on upgrading this rundown shower space into a luxurious shower enclosure.

After adding our signature touch, this bathroom looks almost unrecognisable from what it was before.

Instead of being put off by an uninviting space, you are welcomed into the bathroom with stunning tiled flooring that perfectly matches the new bespoke walling. The grand shower enclosure surrounded by new hydrowall is the real showstopper and is complemented by a chrome heated towel rail, stunning mirror cabinet and the new sink basin and WC.