Project Description

Mrs C | Sheringham

Bathroom Fitting in Sheringham

Seeking a change, our customer decided it was time to say farewell to their old colourful bathroom and wave hello to a modern space that is equally characterful


This bathroom certainly came with a pop of colour and an oddball charm. However, our customer wanted to create a bathroom with a more subtle, yet fabulous design.

Besides keeping the yellow side walls, this bathroom benefited from a complete update and revamp, turning it into a more open and free-flowing space that looked incredible.

Keeping in mind everything that was important for our customer, we got to work.

Starting with the bathtub, we took out this clunky tub and replaced it with this much more suitable L-shaped bath. With the updated overhead shower, this was turned into a hybrid bathing area to make wash time much more enjoyable.

Your eyes may next be drawn to the new patterned flooring, or perhaps the more flattering, fresh walling to create this stunning accent wall.

On the other side of the room, we fitted a new wall unit with a built-in basin that is towered by a lush LED mirror.