Project Description

Mr and Mrs W | Wendling (Bathroom)

For this customer’s bathroom in this two-bathroom project, we were asked to give this bathroom a new lease of life with a much-needed update and refresh. 

As part of a two-bathroom project, for this couple, we wanted to provide them with a bathroom that they would be able to enjoy for many years to come. 

With such a large bathroom space, we wanted to do this space justice and create something spectacular. To start, we came up with a new design and layout that would instantly elevate this space, and then our reliable bathroom fitting team got to work on bringing this vision to life with some stunning bathroom products. 

To create a more accommodating layout, you will notice that we switched the positions of the bathtub and shower. The goal was to create a layout that allowed more floor space and was more practical. 

This customer of ours also took advantage of our incredible selection of bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories to create a seriously stylish and unique space. We love the pairings of dark pink and gold against this bathroom’s brand-new and impactful walling and flooring.