Project Description

K Brown Autos

As a bathroom fitting company, we have helped thousands of people to fall back in love with the bathrooms in their homes, and we will continue to do so. Those who have worked with us before know how important our local communities are to us. 

And to continue supporting our local communities, we want to help local businesses in the best way we know how – by transforming their commercial bathrooms. 

We aim to fit new bathrooms for businesses at their premises as a way of improving the work-life of their hard-working employees and creating a comfortable environment for their treasured customers. 

For K Brown Autos, we helped them out by fitting a brand-new customer bathroom at their premises. 

K Brown Auto’s ladies and gentlemen’s customer toilet room definitely did not reflect the great quality of this business. The team here knew this and so called upon The Bathroom Place to help them re-design this space. 

This small customer washroom was worn out, unappealing to be in, and was not working to the standard a customer washroom should.

So we came up with a plan and design to change this space for the better.

This business client of ours was more than happy with the result, and it’s not difficult to see why. 

This small washroom fitting project has resulted in the creation of a compact, yet functional washroom that benefits from a crisp and clean modern design. 

Now when a customer needs to use the washroom at this business location, they will be pleasantly surprised by a contemporary washroom, showing them that this business is all about making the customer happy.