Project Description

Mr and Mrs F | North Tuddenham

If your bathroom installer has let you down, you can always reach out to us for help. That’s what this customer did and just look at the result!


This customer came to us in dire need of a new bathroom, after the initial installer had let them down. They knew exactly what they wanted – a pristine and functional bathroom that works for them as well as fit in with the home’s style. 


Some of the most important elements for this project were new spotlights, full tiling and a top-of-the-range shower, so we got to work.

We took this large bathroom from a mismatched mess to a coordinated and stylish space that is as accommodating as it is gorgeous. 


You can see by these images that we delivered everything the client asked for and more! This bathroom was designed, supplied and installed by our great team at The Bathroom Place.