Our Guide to ‘His and Hers’ Bathrooms

This one is for the couples. Coexisting with your other half is great, though most of us know that a little space is needed every now and again. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that most of the bickering, tiffs and arguments are caused by the shared spaces between couples. 

While we don’t claim this blog to be the solution to all of your quarrels, we have one idea, where your bathroom is concerned, that may cool the waters and lead to a more relaxed space. 

So, if you’re constantly nagging at your partner, or being nagged at, over the functionality and cleanliness of the bathroom, you may want to consider a ‘his and hers’ bathroom. How do you create such a bathroom? Here are some tips. 

Double Basins to the Rescue 

A double basin vanity unit is like your standard basin unit, except instead of one basin, you get two! One for ‘him’ and one for ‘her’. The inclusion of this in your bathroom could be considered a game changer. With the two basins side by side, you get that intimacy you want without having to share a basin. Instead, you both get your own that can feature all your own stuff. So, there’s also the bonus of having double the storage space. 

With a double basin vanity unit, you get to get ready in the mornings and wind down in the evenings together but with your own respected spaces. 

Bath or Shower?

There is one debate that is old as time itself that has people divided. That is the question of whether you’re a bath person or a shower person. It may not sound so important but when you prefer a bath over a shower and your partner is thinking the other way around, what do you install, a bath or shower?

The answer is both, of course. If you’re lucky enough to have the space then you could have the best of both worlds to keep everyone happy. A lovely sprawling bath and then a glorious shower enclosure. Easy as pie. 

But if you are lacking the space, then you may not be able to have both. So, what do you do then? Opt for a bath with an overhanging shower built in; that way, both parties are kept happy. With our range of baths, showers and screens available, this option is just as good, if not better. 

Storage Space Is a Must

In any living situation, space is so important. Especially with a bathroom that is shared by a couple. With two lots of stuff, such as ‘his’ shaving kit, aftershave and deodorants and her hair products, makeup bag and soaps, you need to have enough storage space for both. 

This is where your fitted units and shelves will come in handy – make use of every drawer, shelf and cupboard. But be careful not to take up too much floor space. This is when products like wall-hung cabinets and mirror cabinets will be your saviour. 

In Conclusion 

Here at The Bathroom Place, we love a good ‘his and hers’ bathroom. That’s why we supply the products mentioned above. Every couple is different but designing a great bathroom that works for both is easy when you reach out to us for help. 

Come on down to your closest showroom and share your ideas and we can go from there.