From stainless steel and chrome fixtures to patterns like terrazzo and herringbone, we’re constantly seeing new and exciting ways people are levelling up their bathrooms.

Here at The Bathroom Place, we see different design trends come and go, and we usually have the inside scoop on what’s trending before anyone else. With that in mind, we knew we just had to tell you all about brushed brass bathroom design.

If you’ve been looking to change up your bathroom, you probably have come across some brushed brass bathroom fixtures and fittings recently. So, to satisfy your curiosity about why brushed brass bathrooms are the next big thing, keep on reading!


What is Brushed Brass?

Before we go any further, let’s be sure that we all know what brushed brass actually is.

Presumably, you know what brass looks like – it’s that hard material that has a gold/brown colour to it. What you may not know is that brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc.

Brushed brass is a type of brass that has been cured to give off a duller finish to what you may be used to brass looking like. The result is brass that looks more like matte brass. 

And – as you will soon find out – brushed brass is the latest bathroom design craze. What are the benefits of including brushed brass fixtures in bathrooms? Brushed brass décor and fixtures offer a more neutral tone that is warm and inviting. Plus, the almost-gold colouring adds a touch of class and luxury.


Brushed Brass & Neutral Tones

When we include brushed brass accessories, features or décor in a bathroom, we love to pair these brass elements with more neutral tones – soft greens and pale browns, for example.

The two elements really go well with one another. You’ll find that the brushed brass bathroom fixtures will really stand out when surrounded by neutral shades – but not so much so that all the attention is drawn to them.

For a relaxing and subtle bathroom design, try incorporating brushed brass and neutral tones in your plan. The pair also work tremendously well in a minimalist bathroom design.


Rustic Features With Brushed Brass

Who doesn’t love a rustic bathroom design? When we think of rustic, we think of wood, brown shades, a touch of green, natural features, and so on. As charming as these elements are, sometimes something a little different is needed to spice things up – enter brushed brass.

Brushed brass accessories work incredibly well with wood and create an almost countering effect, which then introduces a mix of rustic delight and modern elegance.

When you want to celebrate all things natural in your bathroom, including live plants in your bathroom interior is a wonderful touch, and in our opinion, the brightness of live plants complements any brushed brass bathroom décor you would want to add perfectly.

For more bathroom styles that we think would look extraordinary with brushed brass, take a look at our collection of bathroom styles you may not know of.


Brushed Brass Finishing Touches 

Sometimes it’s the small finishing touches that matter most. Such things as LED Bluetooth mirrors and marble countertops. And when it comes to finishing touches that impress, brushed brass accessories are a top choice.

Some accessories and fixtures we think look great in brass are:

  • Mirrors
  • Tapware
  • Shower heads
  • Countertops

With brushed brass accessories, going small can go a long way to create areas of your bathroom that subtly stand out to wow.


In Summary

There are plenty of brushed brass bathroom design ideas out there, but it’s up to you whether or not to include this interesting feature in your bathroom.

Remember, brushed brass fixtures and accessories look better for longer when they are maintained. How do you clean and maintain brushed brass bathroom fixtures? To keep your brushed brass looking great, ensure you wipe away any soap or grime traces with a soft cloth after each use. Clean them regularly with hot water and mild soap using a microfibre cloth.

We have lots of brushed brass items just waiting to be added to your bathroom, so be sure to come and see us at one of our three showrooms, browse our brochure or follow us on Instagram.