Want to make the most of your bathroom but you feel the room itself is too small to work with? And whenever you do try changing things up, you end up with a cluttered and cramped bathroom? We hear you.

Having a small bathroom shouldn’t get in the way of making the room special. We put together this blog to clue you in on some ideas to turn your small bathroom into the best room in the house.

Storage Space

As obvious as this is, many forget about adding extra storage space to their bathrooms. If you cannot fit a large or medium-sized, free-standing unit, then you could try a small, wall hung cabinet. To maximise even more space, install a corner, wall hung cabinet.

Try adding a shelf or two into the room for all of your extra bits and pieces. Instead of a towel rail or rack, opt for hooks.

Another option that is a great space saver is installing a storage unit under your sink basin. Two prominent features of the room taking up the same amount of space.

Shower Person Or Bath Person?

I think we all have someone we know who cannot live without a morning soak in the bath or a wash in the hot tub after a long day. But, perhaps, you’re more of a shower person and, now that you think about it, you could probably live without having a bath.

Taking out the bath and going for a shower-only bathroom could free up a massive amount of space. This also means the extra space could go into creating an impressive shower enclosure that will make you forget you ever even had a bathtub to begin with.

Colour Clarity

Treating your bathroom to a lick of fresh paint doesn’t just offer the room a refreshing, new look. Using the right types of colours and shades could give your bathroom the appearance of being larger and more open plan.

Using bright, light colours on your walls makes them more reflective, giving off an airy, open feel. Natural lights also become more effective against the light, reflective surfaces. Darker colours and duller shades absorb the light, making them feel more enclosed and appearing smaller to the eye.

In Conclusion

There are a number of ways to make the most of your small bathroom. Even if your bathroom is challenged in its size, it should still be a sanctuary for you to unwind and relax in, as well as remaining practical and hassle-free.

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