How to Look After Your New Bathroom

Have you just had a new bathroom installed? Are you worried you won’t be able to keep it sparkling clean and looking brand new? Then this blog post is for you. We know how you feel. When you have a new bathroom fitted, there is a range of emotions – excitement because you finally have the bathroom of your dreams and then there’s the feeling of anxiousness – how will you keep it looking as good as it looks now?

As experts in everything bathrooms, we thought we’d shed some light on some of the top tips for keeping your bathroom looking brand new for longer.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

When it comes to keeping your bathroom, or anywhere for that matter, clean and looking fresh, preventing your bathroom from becoming dirty is better than curing a bathroom cleanliness disaster.

Undertaking weekly and even daily maintenance of your bathroom will play to your benefit in the long run. So, motivating yourself to keep on top of bathroom cleaning is the absolute best way to keep it looking its best. Ultimately, you didn’t splash out on a new bathroom only to have it ruined in just a few weeks.

This attitude is vital to keeping your new bathroom looking ‘new’. And you’re going to need that committed mindset for these next tips.

Avoid Bleach and Ammonia

What do you love most about your new bathroom? Could it be the décor and overall style, perhaps it’s all of that handy new storage space, maybe it’s the fact that you now have a bathroom that you love spending time in? Whatever your favourite part of your new bathroom is, we bet that sparkling new shine that your bathroom now has is pretty high up on your list.

To keep that shine, you should avoid ammonia-based products to clean your bathroom. Otherwise, your new bath, shower, toilet, basin and more could be at risk of losing their shine. These products are also responsible for instances, such as corrosion and damage.

Not only that but bleach also isn’t great for us humans; it’s hard on our hands and lungs. Keep an eye out for disinfectants that contain no ammonia for your bathroom cleaning.

Scrub Less, Clean More Often

Sometimes, when cleaning in general, there is that one spot of grime or dirt that will just not lift. Even after the multitude of products used and the calmest of approaches. Normally we reach the point where it’s time to put in more elbow grease and really scrub hard to get the spot clean. Because, hey, it will eventually come up clean the more I scrub, right? It may work at removing the stubborn dirt but you could be doing more harm than good.

Over time, all of that hard scrubbing is going to achieve wear and tear on your surfaces. So, instead of scrubbing hard-to-shift grime, clean more often to prevent the grime from ever appearing in the first place. Because remember, prevention is better than cure.

Airflow Is Important

One common enemy of any bathroom is mould. Why does mould grow in your bathroom? In short, bathrooms create a humid environment, due to the moisture and heat. This humid environment is ideal for mould to grow.

There are ways to combat mould. For example, leaving a window cracked open during the day creates optimal airflow, taking away the heat and moisture. This is also why extractor fans in the bathroom are so important, especially when the bath or shower is in use.

In Conclusion

These are just a few ways you can keep your newly renovated bathroom looking new. We could go on for pages and pages on different tips and tutorials on this subject. Really, all you need is to remember one thing: prevention is better than cure.

Are you thinking about installing a new bathroom? If so, you’re in the right place! At The Bathroom Place, we’re always helping people to achieve the bathroom of their dreams, from design to installation, all under one company. If you’d like to hear about how we can help you, get in touch with us today.