How To Incorporate Pink in the Bathroom Without Going Overboard

This February – the month of Valentine’s Day – has got us thinking about pink in the bathroom. Are pink bathrooms coming back? Or are they a thing of the past?

As creative bathroom specialists, we welcome any bold bathroom design choice and love it when a bathroom blows us away with a unique and vibrant style. Pink may indeed be one of the more tricky colours to work with in a bathroom, but there are a few ways to make it work. 

In this article, we’ll be deconstructing pink in the bathroom – looking at the history of pink bathrooms, highlighting pink bathroom ideas, and more. 

When Were Pink Bathrooms Popular?

Pulling off a pink bathroom design is easier said than done. For most, a pink bathroom may seem dated and a thing of the past, and there’s a reason for this.

From the late 1950s to the early 1960s, pink in the bathroom became more and more popular. This was mainly because, at this time, the world was recovering from war, and people looked for opportunities to spread positivity and celebrate new horizons, and home bathroom designs were one of these opportunities.

We think everyone can agree that pink is one of those colours that inspire a certain cheeriness, and it’s a shade often associated with love, comfort and compassion. So what better colour was there to use for bathrooms being built at this time? 

And that’s why pink bathrooms were so popular back in the day.  

Are Pink Bathrooms Coming Back? 

But what about today? If pink in the bathroom is seen as outdated by some, do we really want to choose pink as the main colour for a new bathroom

It’s a fair question to ask. But as it happens, pink bathrooms do seem to be trending yet again. This is mainly thanks to the recent blockbuster hit, Barbie. Suddenly, the colour pink was being used everywhere and became a huge marketing strategy for local businesses.

With this, many felt inspired to add some pink into their life by turning to their home interior and the bathroom. 

Plus, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, red and pink start to spring up more frequently, inspiring those searching for new bathroom design inspiration. 

We also live in a time where it becomes more and more important to stand out and to create something unique. And creating a pink bathroom in 2024 is definitely one way you can stand out from the crowd. 

So we believe it’s a mix of the above reasons as to why pink in the bathroom is trending once again. But be warned, it’s easy to go overboard with a pink bathroom, so keep reading to discover how to decorate a bathroom and hear some pink bathroom ideas.

How To Decorate a Pink Bathroom: 3 Top Tips

Adding pink in the bathroom is a great way of creating a bathroom design that is a little bit different and exciting to more popular bathroom styles.

1.Don’t Go Overboard

With colours that are traditionally bright and bold, such as pink, there is always the possibility of overdoing a pink bathroom. What we mean by this is going too big with the colour pink – splashing pink all over your bathroom will likely not yield the best result. Great bathroom designers know how to use colour in a bathroom, and they do this in a way that works with a bathroom’s design, style, layout, size, etc. 

2. Choose the Right Shade 

When adding pink to a bathroom, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of shades of pink. For a bathroom, people tend to lean more towards lighter, more neutral colours and hues. This tends to create a calmer atmosphere for the bathroom and stops it from being “too loud” with colour. 

3.Modern Pink Bathroom 

Remember how we mentioned pink in the bathroom being outdated? Well, if that is usually the case, some are breaking the stigma by using pink in their modern bathroom design. By utilising other current bathroom trends, you can create a pink bathroom that is contemporary and refreshing, instead of dated. 

What Colours Go With Pink Bathrooms?

If you’re not prepared to go for that bold all-pink bathroom, then it pays well to know what other colours go with pink bathrooms. The colour combinations that someone chooses for their bathroom are so important. 

Most of the time, it’s the colours a bathroom boasts that will set the tone for the space. For example, using bold, dark, masculine colours can create a moody, yet sophisticated vibe. Whereas, white and silver promotes a more modern bathroom style.

So, what colours go with pink bathrooms? 

  • Pick and white – You can’t go wrong with this pairing.
  • Pink and black – Try these two colours together for a retro style.
  • Light blue and pink – For a bubble gum-inspired look, choose these colours.
  • Pink and dark blue – Go for a mix of masculine and feminine with these countering shades.
  • Pink and dark green – A surprisingly suitable pairing can be found in these two colours.
  • Pink and grey – Lastly, if black or white doesn’t appeal, meet in the middle with this pairing. 

5 Pink Bathroom Ideas 

To conclude this article, here are some of our favourite pink bathroom ideas to inspire your new bathroom. 

1.Pink Bathroom With Black Features

Pay homage to retro pink bathrooms with the pairing of pink and black. With a light pink shade and dark black detailing, you can create a stunning countering effect that gives off some serious retro vibes. With the addition of some of the latest bathroom products, you can create a contemporary pink bathroom that celebrates an old-school vibe.

2.Mix Pink With Brushed Brass

Brushed brass in the bathroom has become increasingly popular in recent years. And we think few colours match this incredible material better than pink. With the golden/brown hue of brushed brass being highlighted by light pink, you can create a bathroom style that is luxurious, fresh, subtle, and charming. 

3. Pink Bathroom With Plants 

Pink and green are a great colour pairing for the bathroom. But instead of using green paint, incorporate some natural elements into your bathroom with live plants. The mix of pink and thriving green plants paints a picture of a calming springtime – and that sounds like a great place to relax.

4.Pink Bathroom Tiles 

Adding pink in the bathroom can be done so in many ways, not just by painting the walls. A great way of adding some pink to your bathroom is with pink bathroom tiles. Tiles are a great way of levelling up a bathroom’s appearance, and even the smallest of washrooms can benefit from fresh tiling. Pink bathroom tiles aren’t just a thing of the past – with multiple shades and shapes to choose from, there’s no limit to this pink bathroom idea

5.Pink Bathroom Accessories 

As local bathroom product suppliers, we know that the smallest of details can make the biggest difference. So if you want to incorporate pink in the bathroom, but aren’t prepared to add too much colour, you could try adding a little touch of pink with bathroom accessories and small features, such as tapware, trays, towels, bath mats, toothbrush holders, mirrors, and there are plenty more.

Final Thoughts on Pink in the Bathroom

There are so many ways of adding pink to your bathroom design, and there are more and more people doing just that to create a bathroom that stands out from the crowd. If you’re ready to build your dream bathroom – with or without the colour pink making an appearance – we can help. 

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