It’s one of those age-old questions, some people answer one way and others answer differently; it seems that everyone is kind of winging it. Of course, we’re talking about how often you should be cleaning your bathroom.

The bathroom is such an important room in any home and, depending on how many people you live with, it is frequently used by any number of people on a daily basis. This is part of the reason why the task of cleaning the bathroom is nobody’s favourite job around the house.

A bathroom that has gone without regular cleaning is not the nicest environment to be in. The use of water from the shower and taps causes streak marks on glass, the humidity can allow mould to flourish and stray hairs seem to prop up everywhere! It’s all the reasons like these why cleaning the bathroom properly and regularly is essential.

So, if you’re wondering ‘how regularly should I be cleaning the bathroom?’ This blog is for you.

How Often Should the Toilet Be Cleaned?

Let’s kick things off with the toilet – the most important part of any bathroom. We all know the job a toilet does for us, so we know that it needs to be as clean and hygienic as possible.

Our advice is to clean it once a week at the very least; if you have a larger family, i.e., more people using it, then the safe bet is to clean it every couple of days, even if it is just a quick wipe of the toilet and seat with a disinfectant wipe.

How Often Should the Bathtub or Shower Be Cleaned?

Let’s assume that for the sake of this blog, the bath and/or shower in your home is being used daily. To ensure scum and germs don’t build up and to keep water streaks to a minimum, you should be wiping down the bath/shower after each use.

Then, for regular cleaning, a once-a-week visit to the tub or tray armed with your cleaning essentials should be just right.

How Often Should the Sink Be Cleaned?

The sink is a spot you desperately want to keep clean, as we use the sink as our own little cleaning station for ourselves – it’s where we brush our teeth, wash our hands and some use the sink to give their face a good washing, so clean it once a week.

To help you out with cleaning the sink, we recommend a simple wipe-down with a dry towel after each day.

How Often Should the Floor Be Cleaned?

You can’t forget about the floor in your bathroom. People often wonder if the bathroom floor deserves some more special treatment than other floors, such as the ones in the kitchen or lounge, but as long as you’re sweeping it once a week and clearing mess as it happens, you should be fine.

Every now and again on a weekly or fortnightly basis, use a mop to really clean up the floor to keep germs and debris at bay. P.s adding a little more attention to the floor around the toilet is always a good idea.

How Often Should the Bathroom Fan Be Cleaned?

For the fan, we say that every 6 months, or so is a safe bet. This is an area of the bathroom that is often forgotten about, which you don’t want to fall into the habit of doing. Leaving the fan unmaintained for a long period of time could clog it up.

Sometimes, cleaning the fan just means removing some of the visible dust from the outside, but every 6 months, we recommend getting stuck in and giving it a good clean.

In Conclusion

To keep our bathrooms looking great, regular cleaning is a job that cannot go incomplete. Though it’s no one’s ideal plan for the day, it is essential to keep hazardous germs away and keep the bathroom shining clean.

Perhaps it’s time for a new bathroom, and now that you know how to keep it clean, there’s no better time to get a new bathroom with The Bathroom Place.