How much does a shower installation cost? If you want to upgrade your shower – whether you’re simply fitting a new shower unit or installing an entirely new shower room – you need to know how much it’s going to cost. 

Find out how much it costs to install a shower in 2024 with this handy article. As well as answering the title question, this article will explain the different types of shower units and what other costs you may need to consider if you’d like to fully fit a new shower room

Answered: How Much Does a Shower Installation Cost?

The cost of installing a new shower will typically range from £150 to £3,000. 

That’s quite a difference. So why may one shower installation cost £150 while others might cost £3,000? That’s because to find the answer, you need to be sure of the extent of the shower installation project. 

A beautiful rust-effect shower installation with water coming from the shower head.

For example, if you simply would like to swap out an old shower unit for a newer model or different type, this will likely cost you the lower end of this bracket – around £150 to £1,000 depending on the type of shower unit (more on that later)

Chrome shower head fitted to tiled wall in Norfolk Shower Installation

However, if you would like to know how much a shower room installation costs, this will be a higher price than changing the shower unit as the whole bathroom will need remodelling. For this type of project, where you may need an entire new shower supplied and fitted, this could cost around £2,000 to £3,000.

Shower Installation Cost Norfolk

The Bathroom Place is a bathroom fitting company in Norfolk that has three showrooms in Dereham, Thetford and Kings Lynn. We specialise in full shower room remodels and can fit an entirely new shower into your bathroom. 

Wide angle view of stone tiled bathroom with recent shower installation in foreground.

Whether you want to take out the bathtub in your bathroom and swap it for a sprawling shower area, or you would like to refresh your space with a new shower enclosure, we can help. 

To discover the most accurate shower room installation cost, the fastest and easiest way of doing this is by sending our team your enquiry. Our quotes come with no obligation from you to proceed and are free of charge. Should you wish to discuss your ideas further, you can then meet with us for a free consultation. 

The Types of Shower Units and How Much They Cost to Install 

For the typically straightforward task of fitting a new shower unit, the costs involved can vary. While you could do this yourself, this is only advised if you are a qualified plumber and know what you are doing. Alternatively, you could contact a bathroom products supplier and have the new unit delivered to your home and have a local handyman install the shower unit for you.

Bathroom installer fitting shower water valve.

However, installing a shower unit can be complicated and the potential is there for things to go wrong, which could cost you more money than necessary. For this reason, you should hire a plumber or bathroom fitting specialist to install the new shower unit for you. 

So, how much does a shower installation cost depending on the type of shower?

  • Electric shower installation cost: £150 -£500 plus labour
  • Power shower installation cost: £200-£1,000 plus labour
  • Mixer shower installation cost: £150-£800 plus labour
  • Digital shower installation cost: £250-£1,000 plus labour

Brand New Shower Room Installation Cost

The difference between installing a new shower unit and fitting a full shower room is that fitting a shower room is a significantly larger task. These types of bathroom projects can take several days to finish and there is much more to consider than just the shower unit. 

Fitting a new shower room could cost you between £2,000 and £3,000, and in some cases can be even more expensive. 

Newly installed shower room

With a shower room installation, the project will likely involve these steps:

  • Fitting a new shower unit 
  • Installing a shower screen 
  • Installing a shower tray
  • Fitting shower handles and other accessible bathroom features (if needed)
  • Fitting a new shower enclosure 
  • The removal of the old shower/bathtub 
  • Installing new walling and flooring ideal for showering 
  • The ordering of new shower parts 

Close up of shower tray with mosaic tiling.

Other Factors That May Affect the Shower Installation Cost

It is difficult to highlight accurate costs that are involved when it comes to fitting a new shower (and the cost of fitting a new bathroom, in general). This is mainly down to the many different factors involved – more than just the complexity of your shower installation. 

Slimed tiled shower installation with recessed shelf on wall. Chrome shower head and accessories.

Other factors that will affect a shower installation cost:

  • Labour Costs – You can’t forget about the labour costs that will be applied. The cost of the labour involved will depend on who you choose to fit your new shower. 
  • Your Location – Whereabouts in the UK you are located plays a massive role in the costs of both labour and materials/products. 
  • Plumbing – The plumbing is one of the most complex aspects of a shower installation. Costs can vary depending on the state of the existing plumbing. 
  • Size of Shower – If you’re fitting a larger shower, this will likely increase costs, especially so if your bathroom will need to be altered to accommodate the new shower’s size. 

Plumber fitting shower handle to shower door in shower cubicle.

Final Thoughts

Shower installation costs vary depending on several factors, mainly the type of shower being fitted and the extent of the project. The most important decision to make is to always have a reliable professional install your shower for you. Not only will this ensure the project goes smoothly, but it will also eliminate the risk of additional costs to fix a bad installation job. 

The bathroom experts on our team are noticing more and more people paying more attention to the showers in their homes. Some are even choosing to completely remodel their bathroom to make way for grand and luxurious shower enclosures in place of the bathtub. 

If you’re interested in installing a new shower into your bathroom, or completely remodelling your bathroom to create the dream shower room, please feel free to get in touch with our team who would be happy to help you on your bathroom journey.