When it comes time for a new bathroom installation, multiple questions will start to sound off in your head, such questions as ‘how much is this all going to cost?’ and ‘where do I start?’

One question we often get asked is how long it takes to fit a new bathroom. It’s a fair question, as you want to know how long you’re going to be one bathroom down and how long you’re going to have to wait to see if your investment has paid off.

In this blog post, we’re going to be discussing what variables make a bathroom installation take longer, and learning a few ways you may be able to speed up the entire process.


Factors to Consider 

Before we can even begin to answer that all-important question, there are a handful of factors to consider. These things combined will be one of the deciding factors as to why your bathroom installation will take the time to install that is specified.


What is Being Fitted?

No bathroom is the same and that is also true when it comes to new bathroom installation projects.

What you choose to include in your new bathroom will affect the duration of your bathroom installation. The more stuff you want to add to your new bathroom, the longer it will take.

You have your standard fittings, like bathtubs, showers, toilets and sinks, but you’ve also got to take into account all the extra fittings that normally come with creating a new bathroom, such as new mirrors and radiators, sometimes new walling and flooring is installed, and other things like having new lighting fitted needs to be taken into account.


Space & Size of the Bathroom

Simply put, the more square footage to cover, the longer your bathroom will take to install compared to a smaller-sized bathroom.

Bathrooms also come in all shapes and sizes, so in some cases, you or your installer could be having to work around awkwardly shaped rooms with peculiar characteristics, such as ledges, archways, wooden beams and so on.

Both of these factors can definitely slow bathroom installation down.


Extent of the Job

In reality, some bathrooms are just easier and quicker to install than others.

If you have two bathroom fitting projects starting at the same time, one which is including a whole range of elegant and large fittings, with new wall tiling and a whole new lighting system, and the other which is simply renovating a somewhat dated bathroom to simply look more modern, which project would you say gets finished first?


DIY vs. Pro Bathroom Installers

Some people love nothing more than a good DIY project. And when the project is fitting a new bathroom, there are benefits to doing it yourself.

DIY bathroom installation is widely known as a great way to keep the cost of your project down as there are less or sometimes no labour costs to fork over. If knowing the cost of your bathroom installation is important to you, check out our earlier blog post: How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost in 2023? 

As well as possibly making your new bathroom venture cheaper, it keeps you in control of the project at all times.

That being said, self-bathroom installers will massively struggle to match the ability and speed of a professional bathroom installation team.

Not only that, but if you choose to work with a specialist bathroom installation company, some of them will handle absolutely every aspect of fitting a new bathroom, so instead of you hiring a plumber here, and an electrician there, you hire a team who will take care of everything for you, all for one set price.


Timeline of Bathroom Installation 

Another way of understanding how long your new bathroom may take to install is to consider the timeline and process of fitting a new bathroom.

  • Demolition – first up is the demolition phase. This is when (if required) your old bathroom will be ripped out to create a bare shell where your new bathroom will be created
  • Plumbing – if you’re changing up the layout of your bathroom or have a plumbing issue you need addressing, this is the stage where all plumbing work may be completed
  • Carpentry – after plumbing, comes any carpentry work that may be required
  • Electricity – if any electrical work is needed, it will likely take place at this stage of the process
  • Installation – this is when your new bathroom will be fitted with all of those new fittings and features you wanted
  • Final touches – here, any final touches, such as a fresh lick of paint or a new mirror installation will take place

As we mentioned earlier, every bathroom project is different, so the order of work may be slightly different to the above, but this will give you a rough idea of what to expect.


How Long Does The Bathroom Place Take to Fit a New Bathroom?

When you choose us to install your new bathroom, it will typically take us anywhere from 5-9 working days to complete.

Though that time range could vary depending on the work involved and the specifics of the individual project. That’s why the absolute best way of knowing how much your bathroom will cost is by booking in a free consultation with us.


How to Speed Up Bathroom Installation

Different bathroom installation companies will take longer than others to fit a new bathroom. We know of some companies that take a couple of weeks to fit a new bathroom, and then there are others that can take up to a few months.

While there isn’t much you can do to change the scope of fitting new bathrooms, there are a few ways you can ensure your new bathroom installation is done quickly and efficiently.

  • Make sure you are happy before work begins. Before the installation phase comes your consultation and design period. This is when you will let your chosen bathroom supplier hear all of your ideas, create a wishlist of products and eventually see your bathroom design. Before saying ‘yes’ and cracking on with the project, make certain that you are happy with the design and details because once the work starts, you can chop and change your mind, but this will be detrimental to your timeframe and budget


  • Play your part by being available as often as you can. Even if you aren’t installing the bathroom yourself, your input will still be needed if any issues may arise. So, answer every phone call, reply to every email, keep track of deliveries and generally help out as best as you can – sometimes all that entails is stepping back and letting your team crack on


  • All great bathroom installation projects have one thing in common, and that is clear communication. You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work and if you follow just one piece of advice from this blog, be sure to make it this one. Clear communication from you is the key your installation team needs to get the job done as quickly as possible


In Conclusion 

No matter how long a bathroom installation may take, our customers say it’s so worth the wait to see their new bathroom sitting proudly in their home.

Want to know if The Bathroom Place can help you out? Get in touch with the team today.