Energy-Saving Bathroom Ideas

Times are tough right now, so can you really afford to be careless with your home’s energy usage? It may sound like a mammoth task to transform your home to be more energy efficient, but when you take it one step at a time you will find it not so intimidating. The bathroom is a great place to start. 

There are some really good ways you can save energy in your bathroom that you can put into practice straight away. Better yet, some ideas won’t cost you a penny. Other ideas in this blog may mean splashing out some cash, but in the long run, they will pay for themselves time and time again. 

Water Usage

You can’t have a bathroom without water. We use it to wash, brush our teeth, flush the toilet and so on. Though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be smart with your water usage.

Use Less Water 

This may be obvious but using less water will use less energy. You may already know this but what you may not know is how effective it actually is; it can save you a lot more than you think. So, half the time you spend in the shower and maybe start not filling the bath up as much as you normally would. 

With this, every little helps – remember not to leave the tap running while brushing your teeth or washing your face. 

Cold Water Over Hot 

Fact: hot water uses up more energy than cold. Some of you may be shivering just at the thought of a cold shower or bath and we understand why, because who doesn’t love a steaming hot shower or a soak in a hot bath? On the other hand, many people are starting to opt for cold showers over hot ones – there are quite a few health benefits to this as well as energy-saving. 

Like our point before, the small things help. So, when washing your face at the sink, try doing it with colder water as opposed to hot. 


It would be safe to assume that a high percentage of people reading this blog have a dripping or leaking tap somewhere in their homes. Maybe it’s not the tap and maybe it’s the shower head. Whatever drip-drop situation you’re facing, get that fixed right away. 

Why? Because leaking taps and showerheads waste a lot more water than you may think and that’s not very energy efficient. Anyway, more often than not, this issue is simple to fix and can be done by yourself. 

Energy-Saving Additions

The following are products and features you can add to your bathroom that will make it more energy efficient, so you can start saving and looking forward to having a bathroom that is saving you energy in the long run. 

Electric Towel Rail 

Heating is a very important aspect of your bathroom; you want to be at a comfortable temperature when using it, right? Installing an electric towel rail could be a way for you to do just that without racking up a large heating bill. 

As opposed to radiators, an electric towel rail runs off your home’s electricity supply. Another plus point is that there are many of these that come with an on/off switch, allowing you to not waste energy by leaving it running. 

Switch Your Shower Head 

Making the switch from your standard shower head to a more energy-efficient shower head is another one of those other little things that can pay off big time. It’s commonly known that a shower uses less water than a bath, but by doing this, you can make your showers even more efficient. 

The two main types of energy-efficient shower heads to keep an eye out for are non-aerating, which works by forcing water through smaller holes, and aerating, which restricts the flow of water and mixes it with air. 

In Conclusion 

As you can see, there are many ways to create a more energy-efficient bathroom for yourself and your family. 

With The Bathroom Place, if energy efficiency is a must for your bathroom, we can renovate your current bathroom with this in mind or fully install your new energy-saving superstar bathroom. For more information, get in touch with us today.