Thinking it’s time you revamp your home with a new bathroom? If so, then you may have thought, for a moment, that you could save a bit of money by installing a new bathroom yourself.

After all, so many other people have claimed to have done this. On Instagram alone, the hashtag #diybathroom has been used 36 thousand times!

But be warned, you may not know of the struggles that have happened behind the scenes of some of the most viral DIY bathroom posts on social media. Fitting a bathroom is no simple task – just ask our fitting team at The Bathroom Place.

Though if your mind is set on undertaking your own DIY bathroom project, you should read this blog first because we’re going to be helping you out with some quick and easy DIY bathroom upgrades that you can do yourself, and then letting you know of the different jobs you should leave to the pros.


Should You Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

There’s no universal answer to the question; the answer is dependent on several different factors, such as:

  • Do you have experience in fitting a bathroom yourself or something similar?
  • Does your bathroom fitting project have a deadline?
  • Do you have the correct tools and materials?
  • What’s your budget?

By knowing the answers to these questions you can begin to try to answer the original question. Fitting a bathroom yourself and hiring a pro to do it for you have their advantages and disadvantages. So, knowing your goals and own ability will help you decide which is the best option.

So should you fit a new bathroom yourself or hire a professional? Instead of choosing one or the other, pick both. Save some money by doing a few quick and easy DIY bathroom upgrades yourself and then enlist the help of a professional for the more demanding jobs.


Budget-Friendly DIY Bathroom Projects You Can Do Yourself

As promised, here are some easy bathroom fitting ideas you can do yourself to satisfy that DIY spirit of yours. This is DIY bathroom remodelling made simple.

  • Save money by painting your new bathroom – painting is one of those classic DIY home improvement jobs. If you’re not sure how to paint, it’s an easy skill to learn. Just be sure to use the correct bathroom paint.

  • Install your own bathroom mirror – installing a lovely brand-new mirror is a quick and easy DIY bathroom upgrade that will instantly uplift your space, and this is easy to do yourself – just be sure you know how to do so before giving it a go.

  • Fix a new sink basin and tap on your own – this is a job that may not need to be completed by a plumber as these fixtures are more to do with piping. Upgrading with a swap out of the old sink and tap with newer versions isn’t very demanding and is a quick job.

  • Refresh grout and sealant yourself – nothing brings down a look of a bathroom easier than old grout and sealant. Luckily, you can remove old grout and sealant and apply fresh coats yourself with little trouble.

  • Put up bathroom shelves and cabinets yourself – storage is so important in a bathroom, especially small bathrooms, so you will likely need some storage solutions in your new space. Putting up these types of fixtures in your bathroom are mostly just like any other room in a home. Again, if you’re not sure how, you can easily learn online.

Taking on these DIY tasks yourself will save you quite a bit of money on labour costs, allowing you to focus most of your budget on the jobs that require the attention of an expert.


Bathroom Fitting Jobs You Should Leave to the Professionals 

So now that we’ve discussed some easy bathroom fitting ideas you could handle yourself, let’s now focus on what jobs we recommend you employ the help of a professional to complete.

  • Wiring – all electrical work must be done by a licensed and certified electrician; that’s not just our opinion, it’s a fact. This is the regulation here in the UK, so if you do decide to fit your bathroom yourself, ensure you enlist the help of an electrician to handle all of the wiring.

  • Plumbing – unless you are a qualified plumber, we recommend you leave all plumbing and pipework to the experts. Sure you could try sorting the plumbing yourself, but in the process, you could get it wrong and cost yourself thousands in repairs.

  • Installing shower/bath – This is a very difficult task and definitely should not be left to an amateur. And if you are altering the placement of the bath/shower this becomes an even harder task.

  • Tiling – unlike the former bathroom fitting jobs, you may be able to get away with tiling your bathroom yourself, but this is a job that requires precision and concentration, so it’s best to hire a professional.


How to Source Bathroom Products for a DIY Bathroom Project

A valid question that many have-a-go heroes ask is how to source the bathroom products they need for their project. The answer is The Bathroom Place’s Supply Only Service.

We’re not only a team of bathroom fitters, we’re also bathroom fitting suppliers. By working with us on a supply-only basis, you get to fit your dream bathroom yourself and have access to all the fixtures, fittings and accessories that you need.

Not only do we supply the products you want but we will also:

  • Provide you with a free 3D model design of your new bathroom for you or your handyman to work from
  • Allow you to utilise our virtual reality software to see your finished bathroom design before installation begins
  • Offer expert advice and guidance from our team

Our Supply Only Service is the key to DIY bathroom remodelling made simple. If you need bathroom products for your DIY bathroom project, get in touch with our bathroom fitting suppliers today and tell us what you need.