Budget Bathroom Renovation: Fitting a New Bathroom on a Budget in 2024

The new year is often seen as a great opportunity for a fresh start. And however that may look for you, we, as local bathroom fitting experts in Norfolk, tend to see more and more people interested in using the new year as an opportunity to build their dream bathroom. But sometimes, funds get in the way, and a more budget bathroom renovation is desired.

Fitting a new bathroom on a budget doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice on quality or the luxuries you want in your new bathroom. In this blog, we will offer you a closer look at budget bathroom renovations – what factors contribute to the costs of a new bathroom and how to understand your bathroom budget.

How Much Should I Budget for a New Bathroom?

We dedicated a whole blog to the topic of spa-like bathrooms this year, and the idea doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. We’ve noticed that with this trend, it’s not just about creating a luxurious bathroom in your home for the look, but also about your mental health.

The average bathroom renovation cost in 2024 is around £8,000-£10,000.

While that is the average price range to fit a new bathroom, it must also be said that this is a rough guide. Prices will fluctuate depending on a few different factors which we will discuss individually in this blog. But at a glance, these factors include:

  • The size of your bathroom 
  • The scope of work involved
  • The difficulty of work involved 
  • The bathroom products being used 

So while the average bathroom renovation cost is typically somewhere in the region of £8k-£10k, some bathroom projects may yield a lower or higher price. 

For example, for a small, low-end en-suite to be rejuvenated, you could expect to pay around £5,000. And for a large, high-end bathroom remodel, the cost could be over £12,000. 

How to Plan a Budget to Renovate Your Bathroom 

Your Bathroom and Project

The first stage is to analyse your bathroom and think about your particular bathroom project and your goals. You could follow a step-by-step process like this. 

  • Bathroom size:

What’s the size of your bathroom, is it small, medium or large? As well as assigning it a size yourself, it’s a good idea to take some measurements of your bathroom to get an exact idea of its size as this will contribute to the cost of a bathroom remodel. 

  • Scope of work:

What is the scope of work involved? This is another way of saying what would you like changed in your bathroom as part of this project. Some common things to consider that will affect the bathroom renovation cost are if you will be changing the bathroom layout; replacing or removing any fixtures or features currently in your bathroom; changing the walling and/or flooring; any extra work being done, such as plumbing or electrical work. 

To keep costs down in your budget bathroom renovation, think about what you most want to achieve and what jobs are less important. Focus your budget on the most important things you want to achieve. 


  • Project difficulty:

Try to gauge the difficulty of the project. A big part of bathroom renovation costs are the labour costs. The more difficult a job is, the more it may cost you. If you’re not sure how to determine your project’s difficulty, there are plenty of resources online to help you out, like our blog.

  • Bathroom products:

Lastly, the bathroom products you plan to use in your bathroom renovation. You may have had a look at a bathroom products brochure and picked out some products you’d love to feature in your new bathroom. Remember, some bathroom brands and collections are more expensive than others, so this will factor into your budget to renovate a bathroom.  

Gather Quotes and Shop Around

Now that you have a clearer understanding of your current bathroom and the work you want to undertake, you can begin to ask for quotes from local bathroom fitters.

It’s up to you how you fit your new bathroom, and if you want help or you’re going to do it yourself (more on this later). You can reach out to a mix of contractors for quotes, such as:

  • A full-service bathroom fitting company like The Bathroom Place 
  • A local handyman. Choose someone to supply your bathroom products for your chosen handyman to then install them into your new bathroom 
  • Or instead of reaching out to someone in particular, do some research online to see what others with similar bathroom projects are paying 

Consider a Full Service 

Fitting a new bathroom is no simple task, especially if you’re after a budget bathroom renovation. To keep costs down, you may not think to approach a full-service bathroom fitting company. 

A full-service bathroom fitter will take care of everything for you. Every aspect of your new bathroom project will be taken off your hands. Usually, you’d also have your own project manager, along with the installer, who will ensure your bathroom project is completed successfully on time and on budget. 

If you’re searching for a bathroom fitting company in Norfolk to offer a service like this, check out our Fully Fitted Bathrooms service >

In the long run, with the support of an expert bathroom fitting company, you could save both time and money as opposed to fitting your bathroom yourself. 

DIY Bathroom on a Budget 

‘Budget bathroom renovation’ and ‘DIY’ are words often said in the same breath as a way of fitting a new bathroom for less. And while we understand that by doing it yourself can save on pricey labour costs, if you don’t know what you’re doing, your budget bathroom renovation could end up costing you more in the long run. 

That being said, there is definitely room for some DIY in a bathroom fitting project to save on costs. 

Taken from our DIY Bathroom Fitting Made Easy blog, here are some jobs you can do yourself and the jobs you should leave to the pros.

DIY bathroom tasks you can do yourself:

  • Painting your new bathroom 
  • Installing the new bathroom mirror 
  • Fitting new sink basin and tap 
  • Refreshing grout and sealant 
  • Installing shelves and cabinetry 

Bathroom fitting tasks NOT to do yourself:

  • New wiring 
  • The plumbing 
  • Installing complex features, such as bath or shower

There are also a few tasks that can be done by either a pro or an amateur. One example is the tiling. While this can be done yourself with little to no experience, it is a job that takes time and skill to do correctly. So perhaps it’s best to leave it to a pro. 

Plumbing and Layout: Budget Bathroom Renovation Hurdles 

Not every bathroom project is the same, even if they share the same goal. We have worked on numerous bathroom projects in Norfolk so we know this better than most. 

When you’re trying to figure out your budget to renovate a bathroom, we said how it’s important to consider the scope and difficulty of the work involved. One aspect of fitting a new bathroom that is easier said than done is changing a bathroom’s layout and the plumbing work that comes with that. 

If two people have the same goal of fitting a new bathroom but one has decided to keep their current bathroom layout, whereas the other wants a whole new layout, the first person’s bathroom project will likely cost less. 

When altering the layout of a bathroom, there is a lot of work involved, particularly the plumbing aspect – if you’re switching the positions of different fixtures, the plumbing must also be changed so that the bathroom can function. 

Hey, we get it, sometimes the current layout of a bathroom just doesn’t work and people want to, rightfully, remedy that. We’ve also advised on changing the layout of a bathroom if we think it’s necessary. 

But for a budget bathroom renovation, keeping the same layout and plumbing in your bathroom will save you money. This then frees up your budget to achieve the goals that are most important to you in your bathroom remodel. 

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