Fitting a new bathroom can be a challenge for some with one of the main causes for concern to be finding a reliable and skilled installer. As seasoned bathroom fitters in Norfolk, we know better than most that too many have suffered from poor bathroom installation and flawed customer service. 


It’s why we’re so passionate about the great work we do. Not only is it vital a bathroom is well-designed and expertly fitted, but we also strive to provide an easy, stress-free solution to local bathroom fitting for our customers. 


The Bathroom Place is made up of a team of incredible bathroom professionals boasting decades of experience. We’ve made it our mission to handle every element of bathroom fitting, taking customers from the initial design stages of their project, through to installation, and ending in the highest quality of aftercare. 

Bathroom fitters in Norfolk are now partners of BiKBBI

This is why it brings us immense pride to reveal we have become a Retail Installation Standards Partner of The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI). If you haven’t heard of this organisation before or you’re wondering what this latest news means for you as members of our local communities of Dereham, Thetford, Kings Lynn and surrounding areas. In that case, this article is ideal for you. 



What is BiKBBI?

The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation was launched in 2006 and continues to serve as a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the Kitchen, Bedrooms and Bathrooms (KBB) sector. They work with local, regional and national retailers/installers (partners) to help improve partners’ businesses. 


Our founder, Stuart Marsden, said this about the new partnership between The Bathroom Place and BiKBBI: ‘We are thrilled in becoming a BIKBBI partner. Working in partnership with BIKBBI will make a very positive impact on our Fully Fitted & Supply Only service which will give our customers complete confidence in creating their dream bathroom with The Bathroom Place.’

Stuart Marsden, Founder of The Bathroom Place, Bathroom Fitters in Norfolk

By becoming a BiKBBI partner, we are able to share with more people our commitment to excellence as professional bathroom fitters in Norfolk. 


Benefits For Our Customers 

As well as being an exciting partnership for our Norfolk bathroom fitting company, this is good news for our customers and future customers for many reasons. 


With our accreditation from BiKBBI, our customer benefits include:

  • Peace of mind – BiKBBI accreditation means that customers can rest assured that we are credible and trustworthy bathroom installers who take care of every aspect of bathroom fitting. This organisation only support the best of the best. It also shows that we are compliant with all the areas necessary, such as legal and safety, to do the work we do. 


  • Expertise and workmanship – It’s vital that all partners of BiKBBI are qualified, knowledgeable, and professional so that they can live up to the standards expected. So when someone chooses our bathroom fitters in Norfolk to install their bathroom, they know they’re in safe hands. 


  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction – As mentioned at the start of this article, customer satisfaction is so important to us and to BiKBBI as well. Clear communication and expectations, as well as ensuring a smooth customer experience, are all important factors in our business. 


  • Continued professional growth – BiKBBI is committed to constantly evolving the partners they work with. Through ongoing training and development, we can continue to supply and fit bathrooms expertly for all of our future customers. 


Speak to our team if you want a local accredited bathroom company to build your dream bathroom. 


Beyond BiKBBI: Why Choose Us as Your Bathroom Fitters in Norfolk

This recent accreditation with BiKBBI is huge news and means that there are plenty of great things in store for our company, team and customers. Looking ahead, we will continue our mission of delivering stress-free, reliable bathroom installation services. 


Fully Fitted Bathrooms Service 

The Fully Fitted Bathrooms service at The Bathroom Place is our flagship service, made to take a bathroom project through every stage of bathroom installation all under one company. At initial meetings, we will work with you to identify the style of your new bathroom by creating a bespoke bathroom products list and coming up with expert designs. 

A new modern bathroom

Following this stage comes the exciting phase of our bathroom fitters in Norfolk installing your new bathroom. We strive to make expert bathroom fitting accessible to all budgets and situations. After your new bathroom is installed, we will still be around to ensure you are 100% happy with your new space. 


Supply Only Bathroom Service 

If you have the installation part of your bathroom project handled – either by doing it yourself or employing a trusted tradesman – we can help out by supplying the best bathroom products from the most well-known reputable brands. 

Bathroom sink basin

As well as supplying you with the bathroom fixtures and features that will make up your new bathroom, we will also provide you with a free bathroom design for you or your builder to follow. Order, supply and delivery of your products are arranged for you and access to our professional advice is always available.