With different bathroom styles and designs popping up all over social media twenty-four-seven, it’s difficult to find a bathroom style you can really connect with.

Not only should you strive to find a bathroom style you feel connected to, but you also want to be a little unique, right? So, here at The Bathroom Place, we’ve put our heads together to come up with some in-style bathroom designs you may not have seen or heard of.

Let’s not waste any more time and get straight into some bathroom styles and designs that just might be the new bathroom inspiration you’ve been searching for.


Japandi Interior Dream 

First up, we have the genius concoction of Japandi. What is Japandi design? Japandi takes the cutting-edge elegance of Japanese styles and blends that with the warmth and comfort of Scandi design.

Japandi’s interior style is something our customers are seriously falling in love with, and we can’t say we blame them. By combining these two vastly different designs, which are both filled with centuries worth of history and culture, the result is something that looks natural as well as sleek and sharp.

Would you add a Japandi-style room to your home? It’s a gorgeous design for a bathroom; it’s different without being too ‘out there’.

As far as Japandi room décor is concerned, we have a whole range of products that could help you to achieve this spectacular look in your bathroom.


Oak-Style Feature Walls 

Wood is an element that is not commonly found in bathrooms, but we can’t get enough of stunning oak feature walls.

If you’re leaning towards the Japandi interior style for your bathroom, an oak-style feature wall would be a welcome addition.

Yet, if you are leaning more towards another style, say a more rustic feel or a contemporary jungle oasis, an oak feature wall would work well in either of these; as it would with so many other bathroom styles and designs.

Something like this is a real statement piece which will help your bathroom to stand out as a unique space. We also love how this gives off a luxurious spa look. If a spa-like bathroom is more what you’re after, check out our previous blog: 8 Luxurious Spa Bathroom Ideas.


Traditional Coronation-Inspired Style 

The biggest news in the UK (and the rest of the world) is the coronation of our new King! Why not celebrate this historical moment with a coronation-inspired traditional bathroom remodel?

How do we make elegant traditional bathrooms? By supplying you with products that give off that timeless royal vibe. Collections like the Westminster range would be the perfect addition to a beautiful traditional bathroom.


The Terrazzo Style

Terrazzo is a style that is currently growing in popularity with more and more people daring to include this unique design in their homes. If you didn’t know, terrazzo is made up of marble chippings that have been set in cement.

Can Terrazzo be used in bathrooms? Yes, of course, better yet, terrazzo isn’t just a superb option for your new flooring, it’s also ideal for your new bathroom countertops and even walling.

A terrazzo bathroom is great for creating a more quirky bathroom design; it also helps that with terrazzo, there are a plethora of different colourways available.

Also, if you’re looking for a material to use in your bathroom that is easy to maintain, terrazzo is a great option – just sweep, dust and mop with a neutral cleaner.


New Products at The Bathroom Place

Have you seen a bathroom product you like in this blog? If so, you’re in luck, as The Bathroom Place can supply all of the products that have been featured in this blog. 


In Conclusion 

Hopefully, by reading this blog post, you’re leaving with some bathroom style and design inspiration to apply to a new bathroom.

Deciding on fitting a new bathroom is an exciting time, and coming up with the design is a fun process, especially when you work with a professional bathroom fitting company, like The Bathroom Place – we can help you come up with the design of your new bathroom with our 3D and virtual reality software.

Speak to our team today about designing the bathroom you’ve always wanted for your home.