Often, the bathroom is a room in our homes that is overlooked when we talk of renovation. Why is that? After all, for most people, the bathroom offers an escape after a long day at work, somewhere to achieve some peace and quiet, or your kickstart for the day.


The biggest reason, which is also the most understanding, is price. A good quality bathroom renovation isn’t cheap. But sometimes a new bathroom isn’t a luxury, it’s necessary.


Here are 3 signs it is time for a bathroom renovation:

1. Worn out tub, tiles, shower, and more!

It’s kind of a no-brainer that eventually your tiles, tub and other parts of your bathroom are going to wear out eventually; since the room and its facilities are used every day, and depending on your household size, used by a number of different people.


Broken tiles and tubs can be dangerous, sharp edges in a wet, slippy environment could lead to a nasty accident, especially those who are prone to a good sing and dance in the shower.


As well as there being a health and safety element, there is also an aesthetic reason. You want every room in your home to be just as nice as the last, especially a room as important as the bathroom. So maybe now is the time for a renovation project, you and your bathroom deserve it.


2. Little Storage

As time goes on and things change in our lives, isn’t it important you have a bathroom that adapts with you?

It’s not only the place we clean ourselves and do our business, but also the place we brush our teeth, store toiletries, do our makeup, even where we keep cleaning products. So, of course, plenty of storage space is a major plus.

A common problem with young families is storage. What once suited just you and your partner just isn’t going to cut it with the addition of kids. If the room becomes too cramped and cluttered it can become a drain on your day to day life.


3. Old Style

Like any room in your home, you want it to feel like your own, an extension of yourself. Many bathrooms nowadays are outdated in style, design, and function. Updating your bathroom to reflect you and your home can be one of the most rewarding projects to undertake.

Also, a new, bespoke bathroom will add value to your property, if you are ever looking to sell, a bathroom renovation could easily pay for itself when it comes to selling your home.


In Conclusion

There are loads of other signs that it’s time for renovation such as leaks, odd layout, poor lighting, the list goes on.

It is also okay to just want a change. Your bathroom doesn’t need to be falling apart to warrant a renovation.

At The Bathroom Place, we have the right team and tools on hand to help you transform your current bathroom into something amazing. So why not get in touch and see what we can do for you?