Any type of renovation to your home is an exciting project to undertake – what better way is there to truly make your home your own? They also add value to your home, making for great investments, should you wish to sell in the future.



One room that is often most deserving of a renovation is the bathroom. It’s used daily, multiple times a day, by a number of different people. Let us not forget, the bathroom is our sanctuary, a place to unwind and relax after a long day.



Though bathroom renovations hold lots of positives, there is one pretty big negative and that is the price tag that comes with them. 90% of the time, a dealbreaker.


So, what are some ways you can create your stunning, dream bathroom without breaking the bank? Let’s talk about it.


Plan and Budget

This is the first step you should be taking on your renovation journey, and it’s, probably, the most crucial. Planning well and keeping to your original plan throughout the course of the project is going to give you the best chance at keeping the cost low, and the work rate efficient.


Budgeting right from the beginning keeps hidden extras, that will incur more cost for your project, to a minimum. If you have an idea of the amount you are going to spend before the work commences, you are already off to a great start.


Within your plan, prioritise your project. What aspects do you not want to compromise on? What are the most important features you need in your new bathroom? Asking yourself these types of questions will pay off in the long run.


Your plan and budget will act as the foundations for all your decisions.


Complete Renovation?

Is your bathroom in dire need of an upgrade, or does it just need a lick of paint?


It’s important to take a good look at your bathroom and decide whether or not your bathroom actually needs a renovation.

You may find that instead of forking out for a complete, full renovation, it might be best to just give your room a refresh and touch up.


Or, maybe, renovate certain parts of the bathroom, such as, replacing the tiling and installing a shower screen, as opposed to opting for a full renovation when you might not need one.


Reuse, repurpose, refinish some fixtures and fittings instead of replacing them with brand new ones. This will bring the overall cost of your project down tremendously as you won’t be buying new.


Shop Around

Finally, do the leg work of shopping around. Your go-to shop may not be the best, in terms of price. Instead, shop around multiple places, such as plumbing stores and warehouse-type stores. Compare prices everywhere you look to find the best deal. You may find large differences in price for the same, or similar, appliance at different shops.


In Conclusion

Renovating your bathroom without racking up the pound signs is tough, but not impossible. Here at The Bathroom Place, we offer a complete fully-fitted service, from design, through to installation, and even aftercare at a competitive price.


If you want to find out what we can do for you, please get in touch and we will be happy to walk you through our process.