So it’s time for a completely new bathroom. One big question is what is it going to look like? 

Bathroom design is so important when it comes to deciding on your new bathroom, so if you’ve been searching for some fresh bathroom design inspiration, we’ve got some bathroom design ideas that could be ideal for you. 


Go With Colour 

We’ve found that when people aren’t afraid to include some colour in their new bathroom design, they can create some really amazing spaces that will have them counting down the hours to bath time. 

As a high-quality bathroom fitting company, we know a thing or two about what the best bathroom designs are, and our customers love adding a splash of colour to create modern colourful bathrooms that look wonderful. 

In particular, coloured units are incredibly popular with our customers. Take one of our best-selling collections, the Bonita range, for example. 

This beautiful range of products from Bonita offers something for everyone, from bold and bright colours to soft and neutral tones. Take a look at this gorgeous line and hopefully it can act as inspiration for your bathroom design. 

Let’s stick with the idea of coloured bathroom units. Besides adding colour, what else are they good for?

  • Adding coloured units such as this to your bathroom design makes your space just that little bit more unique 
  • Can create a focal point in your new bathroom to complement other featured elements 
  • Enhance and enforce the overall aesthetic of your new bathroom design
  • Combine coloured units with other colourful fixtures and accessories for a cohesive modern colourful bathroom

So for more bathroom interior inspiration, try exploring what more fun things you can do with colour.


Black Features To Stand Out

Almost completely opposite to colourful bathrooms is to opt for some subtle black features to provide a clean contrast in your bathroom.

We get it, colour isn’t for everyone, but that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your bathroom design and interior. Most bathroom fixtures are coloured white, so incorporating some shades of dark black into your bathroom can provide a luxurious countering effect.

Just by adding such details as black bath taps, a black-bordered mirror or even a black sink basin, you can create a lovely bathroom interior that is special without going too overboard.


Brushed Brass Bliss

For a more neutral bathroom design idea, perhaps brushed brass is the ideal option for you. There’s no limit to all of the different ways you could incorporate this calm design into your bathroom.

  • Decorate your walling or flooring with a delightful shade of brass
  • Incorporate brass fittings, such as shower heads and taps
  • Add accessories like rugs, baskets and plant pots coloured in this light, soft and neutral tone

For a neutral bathroom design that excites with subtlety, brushed brass has to be on your radar.

You can take a closer look at all of these mentioned styles in our brochure.


Unique Bathroom Design Is the Way 

Another piece of advice we can pass on to you is dare to be different. 

So many new bathrooms often fall into the trap of ending up like everyone else’s. This is why we love it when our customers come to us with a unique bathroom design. 

Some of the best bathroom design ideas come from the desire of people wanting their bathroom space to be a reflection of themselves, their personality and their style – plenty of us do this with the rest of our home, so why not with our bathrooms too?

If you have a more unique bathroom design idea, don’t be afraid to approach us; our advanced CAD software can turn your wildest bathroom design ideas into reality. 


Take Advantage of Our Free Bathroom Design Service 

Did you know we offer a free design service? With an expert bathroom design team behind you, unique bathroom layouts, coloured features and bizarre bathroom design ideas are no problem. 

What’s included in our free bathroom design service?

  • Completely customised designs 
  • Use of our advanced CAD software 
  • The most expert guidance and advice 
  • Visualise your design in 3D and virtual reality 


In Conclusion 

We hope this blog has helped you in your journey of finding some bathroom design inspiration. 

Of course, there is plenty more bathroom design inspiration out there, so keep doing your homework and do your best to find ideas that suit you. One great way of finding some new bathroom inspiration is by booking a free consultation with one of our design experts at The Bathroom Place.