Renovating a bathroom isn’t cheap, which can make hiring a local bathroom contractor a daunting task. With such a high price tag, how do you know your new bathroom will be fitted correctly? To help you out, we’ve put together these key questions for bathroom renovation work.

Ask your shortlisted bathroom contractors these questions to see if they’re the perfect fit for your project.


1. Do you handle every aspect of fitting a new bathroom, such as plumbing and tiling?

There are so many aspects that go into fitting a new bathroom that it cannot always be clear what you’re getting within your price.

Plumbing, tiling, installing fixtures and fittings, painting, decorating, flooring, electrics, and so on. When shopping around for bathroom installers, it’s good to know everything you want included in your price and check that the bathroom installer is on the same page.

For example, here at The Bathroom Place in Norfolk, with our Fully Fitted Bathroom service, we take care of absolutely every aspect of bathroom fitting. Whereas, with our Supply Only service, we leave the ‘fitting’ part up to you but help out with bathroom design and supply.


2. Can I see some completed bathrooms from similar projects to mine? 

When you have an idea of your dream bathroom in your head, it can be difficult to translate this image to others to make it clear what you want.

One way of ensuring your bathroom fitter can deliver on the style of bathroom you want is to ask if they have experience working on similar bathrooms. Also, if they can show you the finished result as a kind of projection of what your bathroom will look like, that’s even better. 

This helps you to explain the bathroom look you want to achieve while also getting a good look at the results a particular bathroom fitter can provide.

We keep our Norfolk bathroom renovation projects on the Case Studies page on our website, so this is easy to do for our potential customers.


3. Will I be able to use the toilet while my new bathroom is being fitted? 

Bathroom fitting project timelines vary depending on the bathroom, so you must be left with a toilet during installation if you have just one bathroom.

When our local bathroom contractors in Norfolk are fitting a new bathroom, they will leave a home with a working toilet every time they leave the property.


4. How will my house be left clean and tidy during a bathroom installation?

Fitting bathrooms can be messy work and the last thing you want is your home to become untidy as a result of fitting a new bathroom. That’s why it’s always a good question to ask bathroom fitters how they plan on keeping your home clean.

It’s not just cleanliness that’s important, but safety also. It’s very difficult to adhere to health and safety guidelines in the middle of a mess.

When we work on a property, we keep carpet and hard floors clean by always using covering protection and dust sheets.


5. If I choose you to fit my new bathroom, will you manage the project? 

When trying to think of key questions for bathroom renovation, it’s always good to think about how involved you want to be with the project – do you want to be very hands-on or would you rather someone do the hard work for you?

If you work with solo tradesmen, you may be expected to manage the project yourself, which involves ordering materials, arranging a skip, organising work times and dates, and other responsibilities.

But if you worked with a local specialist bathroom fitting company, like The Bathroom Place, you will likely receive a dedicated project manager included in your price.


6. Do you have proper insurance coverage?

This is a vital piece of information to know before any installation work takes place.

Accidents can happen, even if you choose the highest-rated bathroom fitter in your area, so ensuring the correct insurance is in place keeps you covered for anything that may go wrong.


7. Is the price given a quote or an estimate?

During your enquiry, your contractor may present you with two different prices and sometimes it can be unclear which is the amount you’ll pay.

What’s the difference between a quote and an estimation for bathroom fitting? An estimation is an educated guess of what your project may cost and it isn’t binding. But a quote is the price you must pay if you want your bathroom fitted.


8. How will I pay for my bathroom installation? 

Now that you have been presented with your quote, you next need to know how to pay.

With bathroom fitting, it is often an upfront single payment you need to make with an initial deposit before any work takes place.

This is a good question to ask as some bathroom fitters will offer multiple ways you can pay, which may make the project more affordable for you.

With The Bathroom Place, we offer a handful of different ways customers can pay for their new bathroom.

  • Pay for the full amount directly in one go
  • Pay 50/50 – before and after project completion
  • Pay using our finance packages


9. Who will be working in my home?

This is one of those key questions for bathroom renovation that you don’t want to miss. Your home is your safe space and it’s important to know exactly who will be in your home while working on your bathroom.

Whether you’re going to be home during the fitting of your new bathroom or not, knowing who will be in your home and when is vital to ensure a hassle-free project with no unexpected guests in your home.


10. How long will it take to fit my new bathroom? 

Getting a new bathroom is an exciting time which leads many people itching to see the final result. So, for some, there may be nothing worse than having to wait longer than you originally hoped to see your new bathroom finished.

By preparing well and asking these questions right at the beginning of your project, you can avoid disappointment and receive an estimated date of completion.

It normally takes our professional Norfolk bathroom renovators anywhere from 5-9 days to fit a new bathroom. Keep in mind that this is dependent on the work involved and room size.


11. Can you help with my bathroom design? 

The design of a bathroom takes up a huge level of importance with any bathroom fitting project. The design is what your bathroom fitter will work from to build your new bathroom, making the design of your bathroom so important to get right.  

Some bathroom contractors may not offer a bathroom design as part of a fitting project, so it’s a great question to ask upfront.

With The Bathroom Place, our bathroom showrooms in Norfolk provide a free bathroom design and quote with all fully fitted bathrooms.


12. When my new bathroom is fitted, will you dispose of my old bathroom?

What you may not have thought about when purchasing a new bathroom is what you’re going to do with your old bathroom.

Some bathroom fitters may expect you to dispose of your old bathroom, which means hiring a skip. But others may include this as part of your project.

Confirming which will be the case for your project at the very beginning, eliminates the potential hidden cost of disposing of your old bathroom.

Our Norfolk bathroom fitters always sort this out for our customers. We’ll arrange a skip to be delivered to your home and get cracking on disposing of your old bathroom for you. It’s included in our price.


13. After my bathroom has been fitted, am I entitled to any guarantees? 

Once your new bathroom has been fitted and you’ve fallen in love with it, you want to know that it will last, right?

So, before hiring someone, ask your bathroom fitter what guarantees you can expect should you choose to work with them. This will leave you with more peace of mind once your project is over, knowing that if there is an issue, it can be quickly and easily resolved.

People choose our professional bathroom renovators in Norfolk because of our amazing aftercare service, which includes:

  • A one-year workmanship guarantee
  • Product warranties up to a lifetime
  • A customer satisfaction feedback form


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