We all love a little taste of luxury every now and again, right? Well, nothing quite says ‘luxurious’ like a visit to the spa. Imagine if you could replicate that spa vibe at home by creating your own spa-like bathroom.

It’s an amazing way to fall back in love with your bathroom and with the stresses of everyday life, you deserve a luxurious spa bathroom to help you relax and unwind, so you feel energised to seize the day.  

Below, we’ve collected some of our favourite spa bathroom ideas that you can use to transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis.


1. Create a Focal Point

A focal point is something that draws your attention right away. Examples of standard uses of focal points include the TV in the living room and the bed in the bedroom.

Though, for our spa bathroom, we’re going to be taking the focal point to the next level. Luxurious focal points often act as the main showstopper of the room; everything else is centred around this particular feature. 

So to add that touch of luxury to your bathroom, get creative with your focal point, but keep the idea of showstopping luxury in mind. One recommendation would be to make a gorgeous free-standing bathtub in front of a grand window your focal point.

This will turn your normal bathing routine from a standard ritual to a spa-like experience that you’ll look forward to enjoying all day long.


2. Declutter to Enjoy 

Do you know what doesn’t create a luxurious spa vibe? Clutter.

Seriously, you cannot underestimate the power that keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter-free holds. Just by reducing or removing the non-essentials, you are opening yourself up to the opportunity of creating an extraordinary bathroom space.

High-end bathrooms are so sought after as they act as a break from strenuous day-to-day struggles. Here, in your luxurious bathroom, you want to relax and switch off, and you can’t do that when you’re tripping over bits and bobs.


3. Experiment With Wood 

Materials play a big part in creating a contemporary luxury bathroom, especially if you’re after replicating that spa-like retreat vibe.

There are plenty of materials out there that are at your disposal, and each one will create a different effect for your new bathroom, but for this idea, we’re focusing on the use of wood. We know what you may be thinking and yes wood can be a tricky material to live with in your bathroom, thanks to the humidity and wetness.

Though, if you can pull off wooden walling and flooring, the result can be a mesmerising Scandi-style spa bathroom.


4. Lush Shower Heads 

When we hear the word ‘spa’ we think of one thing mainly, and that’s massages. While you can’t hire a masseur to come and visit you every bath time, there are shower heads available that can create a massaging effect.

Modern spa showers offer that indulgent warm waterfall effect, which can transport you to a calming rainforest that will wash away all of your stress and worry.

Simply replacing your shower head can have a massive impact on how your shower can make you feel. For more of an idea of what to look out for, browse spa shower heads in our brochure.


5. Bright, Light, Contemporary 

Modern luxury bathroom design has never been as sought after as it is right now. And this modern style that everyone is so desperate to incorporate into their own bathroom is a great opportunity to create a luxury modern bathroom.

Think bright, white and light for this idea; you want to replicate the feel of a modern spa that is inviting, sleek and sharp. Try adding chrome detailing and subtle patterns to your luxury spa bathroom design to give your bathroom the edge over others.  

Contemporary bathrooms, high-end washrooms and luxury en-suites can be achieved with this modern design idea in mind. 


6. Challenge Norms With Elegant Marble 

Marble has long since been something we identify as luxurious. While we’re trying to create a spa-like bathroom, we also want to be unique with our design. With marble, you tick both boxes.

From marble countertops to full marble walling, you really can’t go wrong with this luxurious feature to create a fancy and fulfilling bathroom.

The smooth surface and intricate patterns offer that calming energy that every great spa-style bathroom needs.

With so many ways to incorporate marble into your bathroom, the only limitation is your imagination. But remember, with luxurious bathrooms, sometimes less is more.


7. Double Basin Desire

A spa is for everyone, and as much as a visit to the spa is about relaxation, it’s also about community.

They say that something is most enjoyed when it’s with the people you love. This is what makes double basins a welcome addition to your new luxury spa bathroom. Why have one when you can have two?

As well as being a staple piece of his and hers bathrooms, the double basin also brings a touch of class that will improve the functionality of your ideal bathroom.

This also links to our earlier point on reducing clutter. With two sink basins in your new bathroom, there’s less chance of clutter around one sink basin – which is normally the case in your standard bathroom.

But we’re not going for standard, we’re going for luxurious.


8. Hero Hydrowall 

Here at The Bathroom Place, our customers have used hydrowall time and time again to create the bathroom they desire most.

As well as it is the perfect showerproof alternative to tiles and incredibly cost and time-effective, using hydrowall panels in your bathroom could add to the spa-inspired bathroom effect you’re striving for.

With multiple different elegant styles and patterns to choose from, you can create a high-end bathroom that looks as amazing as it makes you feel. Its versatility also means that bathrooms of all shapes and sizes can receive the desired touch of luxury, from spa-inspired small bathrooms and high-end washrooms to the largest of bathroom suites.  


In Conclusion 

Now that you have a few ideas, will you be taking on the project of creating a luxurious spa-like bathroom in your home? If so, you don’t have to face this challenge alone.

Get in touch with our expert team to see how we can help you today – from full bathroom installation to design and supply only, we can make your bathroom dreams come true.