Is there anything worse than a cramped and cluttered bathroom? Storage is probably one of the most difficult things to get right in a bathroom, no matter the size of the room.

Sooner or later, the bathroom becomes overrun with bits and bobs, skin care products and shavers, towels and flannels, soap and shampoo bottles. But it’s important to know that you’re not doomed to face this predicament forever.

At The Bathroom Place, hundreds of our customers have originally come to us with the main aim of creating a new bathroom that offers storage solutions that work. A great storage solution isn’t a temporary fix – it needs to last and continue doing its job for years into the future.

So if decluttering your bathroom with storage solutions is top of your to-do list, consider trying out the creative bathroom storage ideas we have come up with in this blog.


1. Wall-Mounted Storage Units 

Most bathrooms have a space problem, more specifically a floor space problem. Sometimes, the key to maximising bathroom space with storage is to utilise solutions that don’t take up any floor space.

What often happens is that, in a desperate attempt to add in a much-needed storage solution, people inadvertently use up the limited floor space in doing so, which then creates an even more dire situation than before.

Instead of using limited floor space, try using wall space. If you go ahead and peek your head into your bathroom, what has more space, the floor or the wall? We bet it’s the wall.

With wall-mounted units, you can mount your unit, such as a cabinet, cupboard or drawer, to the wall and not take up any floor space. An extra tip is to choose units that serve a dual purpose, such as a unit with a basin fitted. You can find examples of these in our brochure, along with other handy storage solutions.


2. Drawer Organisers 

This is one of the most effective bathroom storage solutions out there. The purpose they serve is small but the impact they have on reducing clutter is astounding.

If you’re not familiar with drawer organisers, these little lifesavers are being used by so many people, not just in their bathrooms but with any drawers in their homes. There are different variations of drawer organisers available, but ultimately, they are little tubs often made of plastic or wood that slot into your drawers.

Some are simple rectangles and some are moulded into multiple different-sized squares and rectangles. They are designed to hold all of the items in your drawers in their own special little slot; this avoids you wasting any drawer space.

Drawer organisers are essentials in your bathroom organisation for limited space.


3. Heated Towel Rail 

Some of the best storage solutions out there for bathrooms are the ones that serve a dual purpose, such as a heated towel rail.

A heated towel rail is a handy thing to introduce into your bathroom design as it not only provides you with a designated area to hang up your bathroom towels but will also help to dry damp towels when they are hung up.

And if you have a small-medium-sized bathroom, these fixtures will also heat your bathroom nicely, which is great for chilly winter mornings and cold evenings.

What is a cheaper alternative to a heated towel rail for the bathroom? If you don’t want to splash out on a heated towel rail but still would like something that doesn’t take up much room to store your towels, simplify by upcycling an old ladder – lean it against your wall and you have a unique and effective towel rail.


4. Tall and Slim Cabinets 

To maximise space in a small bathroom, cabinetry is a good option. Well, that would be the case if you actually had the room for one or two cabinets, right?

So instead of introducing boxy or wide cabinets to your bathroom, there is an alternative, and those are tall and slim cabinets; what’s great about these storage solutions is that they are great for utilising vertical space in bathrooms – something that is often not capitalised on.

The slimness of these cabinets is ideal as it makes it easier to fit cabinets into a bathroom without taking up too much room. Its slim design is then taken into account with the cabinet’s height, meaning you can fit a surprising amount into storage.


5. Mirror Cabinets 

As we mentioned before, bathroom products that serve a dual purpose while only taking up an individual amount of room are great for saving space in the bathroom.

So we had to include mirror cabinets in this list. With this bathroom product, your mirror doubles up as a handy small cabinet which you can use for bathroom medicine storage, toiletries, makeup products or grooming appliances.

This effective bathroom storage solution is another feature that doesn’t take up too much room but offers plenty in return. It’s also perfect for a little privacy if you do want somewhere for your bathroom medicine storage.

Opt for an LED mirror cabinet to give you that little extra storage space but to also improve your bathroom lighting.


6. Recessed Hidden Nooks

Want a storage solution that practically takes up no space? The answer is to recess into your walls to create hidden nooks.

To truly maximise space in a small bathroom, you could try taking out some of your wall (where you can) to create an indent in your walls. By doing this you can create your own space by converting your wall into a cabinet by adding shelves and a door to your indented piece of wall.


If all you need is some extra room by the shower or bath for shampoo and conditioner bottles, you could recess only a small part of your wall to create a built-in shelf – perfect for keeping bathtime essentials close by without cluttering.


7. Repurpose Old Furniture

This is a wonderfully creative bathroom storage idea that is cost-effective as well. Depending on the amount of space you have available, you could save your old pieces of furniture that you love from the skip and introduce them into your bathroom.

Here are some ideas:

  • Old kitchen chairs can be brought into the bathroom for extra seating and for somewhere to place your towels and other essentials
  • Bring in an old wardrobe to be your bathroom’s new storage cabinet
  • Have an old bench? Upcycle it by making it a new feature of your bathroom – it’s somewhere to sit and can be used to hold storage
  • As we said before, repurpose an old ladder to be your new towel rack

You may be thinking that the furniture in your home may not match the style of your bathroom, but that may be a good thing. With this storage solution, you can also make a statement with your bathroom design by introducing a piece of furniture that stands out and draws attention in a good way.


8. Bath Caddy 

For those of you who don’t know, a bath caddy is a little bath tray for a bathtub. These little trays sit diagonally across a bathtub and are used to store items you want to use while enjoying a soak in the tub.

If you’re prone to a session of scrolling in the bath, you can use a bath caddy as a dry and safe place to keep your phone while in the bath; some also like to read in the bath so this bathtub tray allows them a place to keep their books or magazines dry.

Bath trays can also hold more practical things such as soap, shampoo and conditioner bottles, body brushes, flannels and so on.

When you’re not bathing, if space is really lacking in your bathroom, you can use this bath tray to permanently store a handful of small products and items. While this storage solution won’t save you heaps of space, it does help out if you need somewhere to store a small assortment of bathroom stuff.


In Summary 

Decluttering your bathroom with storage is not always easy, especially if the size of your bathroom is against you. If you’re dealing with a small bathroom space, be sure to check out our guide to small bathroom fitting.

In search of effective bathroom storage solutions? Visit one of our three bathroom showrooms in Norfolk or browse our brochure to discover what storage products we can offer you.