Trends. They come and go and they are everywhere. From social media trends to cooking trends, there seems to be a trend every day for everything. Bathrooms are no different. Seasonal trends are particularly prominent. That’s why we’re going to take a look at a few winter bathroom trends taking place right now, that will head us into the new year.

Warm & Cosy

As the weather gets harsher and colder with Winter upon us, we want our homes to be a warm, cosy escape. The bathroom is considered, by many, a sanctuary; a place to unwind and relax, let’s not forget the perfect cure for a cold winter day is a lush, hot bath.

How do you make your bathroom warmer and cosier? Where you can, try adding in some soft, neutral colours. Try adding a coat of light pink to your storage cupboard to create that warm, calming feel. Or, how about a neutral blue to replicate those clear summer skies that you’re missing.

If soft, neutral colours aren’t your thing, you can achieve this warm and cosy feel another way. Try incorporating natural materials into your bathroom. Rattan or wicker storage/furniture can create a homely, comforting feel. Smooth wood for flooring or countertops creates a rich, natural vibe, giving off that chilled cabin style.

Bath Bliss

This trend is neither new nor unheard of. But, let’s be honest, nothing really beats a nice, hot, bubble bath after a long, cold, winter day. Soaking in a lush tub is highly beneficial to your mind and body. It provides a great stress release and encourages relaxation, as well as soothing aches and pains, sometimes caused by the cold.

Here at The Bathroom Place, we have a wide range of bathtubs to suit every individual to create the bathroom of your dreams that is both stunning and unique.

Plants, Plants & More Plants

Houseplants have steadily risen in popularity over the last year or two. Covid meant that people were looking for new ways to improve their homes, many achieved this by making their rooms look nicer with the introduction of a few plants.

But what most haven’t realised is that the bathroom can also benefit from a plant touch-up. Avoid the cold outside by bringing the charming outside into your home by adding tropical and bright plants.

This bathroom trend adds a touch of character to your bathroom and can make the room your own. Some plants that thrive in humidity are the Golden Pothos, Aloe Plant and the Snake Plant.

Indulgent Underfloor Heating

A luxury that is slowly turning into a necessity. As the Great British weather gets colder and is as unreliable as ever, it’s only fitting to have an ace up your sleeve when it comes to keeping your bathroom warm this winter.

Underfloor heating keeps you from tiptoeing to the bath or shower trying to avoid the cold floor that bathrooms can often encourage, depending on the material of your flooring.

Hydrowall Over Tiles

Providing a showerproof alternative to tiles, Hydrowall make for a great, cost-effective inclusion in your bathroom. They’re easy to clean and installed easily. You can also choose from a number of designs and styles in a range of colours and patterns, truly making your bathroom your own.

Radiators To Impress

Keep out the cold and have your bathroom looking stylish with an impressive, new radiator. Ladder radiators have boomed in popularity in recent years due to their sleek design. Experiment with different finishes for your radiators; matte black has become very popular as it stands out but doesn’t take all the attention away from other parts of your room.

Heated towel rails have also grown in popularity, being installed in most new bathrooms; they offer a convenient way to dry multiple towels at once, ready for the next use. There’s nothing worse than a damp towel when there is a chill in the air.

In Conclusion

As stated before, trends come and go and just because others are taking part, that doesn’t mean you have to also. Though, if you feel your bathroom is lacking that warm, cosy feel or is in need of some character, why not try experimenting with one of these trends in your own bathroom?

Start off small, find a spot in your room for a new, bright, vibrant plant or treat your cupboards to a fresh lick of paint with a lighter colour.