2024 Bathroom Trends You Need To Know About

We’re getting closer and closer to that big New Year’s countdown. And so, we thought right now would be the perfect time to let you know the 2024 bathroom trends our team of bathroom experts have got their eyes on. 

After fully fitting a huge amount of bathrooms in 2023, we’ve got the inside knowledge you’ve been searching for – the best bathroom renovation trends coming in 2024. 

This list of 2024 bathroom trends is made up of current bathroom styles that are going strong into the new year, future bathroom trends you may not have come across before, and even what we’re expecting from the 2024 bathroom colour trends. 

  1. Spa Bathroom Remodel: Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

We dedicated a whole blog to the topic of spa-like bathrooms this year, and the idea doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. We’ve noticed that with this trend, it’s not just about creating a luxurious bathroom in your home for the look, but also about your mental health.

Raise your hands if you could use a trip to the spa right now. People don’t just want a stunning bathroom to look at, they want to create an oasis to retreat to after a long day.

A spa bathroom remodel may entail fitting a brand-new shower head that massages the head and body; a whirlpool bath that creates an at-home hot tub; and elegant, calming details, like marble walls and underfloor heating. There are so many bathroom products that can help to make your bathroom feel like a spa. 

Contrary to what you may be thinking, a spa bathroom remodel doesn’t need to be lavish to be effective. If you want to make your bathroom feel like a spa at home, but think your funds have other ideas, a spa bathroom can be made very simple. The goal is to create a room that is peaceful and calming to you.

That could be as simple as going for a more neutral colour palette or springing for a few upgrades we mentioned above, or maybe just a change in layout and lighting is all you need. 

Bathroom Sustainability is Big

Sustainability has been of the utmost importance in recent years, and it seems as though sustainability in the bathroom has been on lots of people’s minds. Bathrooms that save energy and avoid unnecessary waste are rising in popularity. 

As a bathroom fitting company in Norfolk, we are more than happy to see bathroom sustainability talked about more. We’ve supplied plenty of bathroom products that achieve a more sustainable bathroom, so we know just how effective they can be. 

Some ways you can achieve bathroom sustainability are:

  • Choosing dual flush toilets that offer two different flush power options 
  • Switching out shower curtains for screens that don’t need to be replaced very often at all 
  • Fit a water-saving shower head 
  • Motion-activated lighting prevents lights from being left on when the bathroom is not in use 
  • Include repurposed furniture in your new bathroom design 

Sustainable bathroom accessories, features and fixtures can help to create a bathroom that saves money, reduces waste, and helps you to feel good knowing that you’re doing your part for the environment. 

3. Vertical Bathroom Wall Tiles

One of the 2024 bathroom trends we have been seeing more of is the idea of utilising vertical tiling in the bathroom’s interior design. 

As the years pass, people are looking for newer ways of making their bathrooms stand out from the crowd. One way they’re doing so is by opting for vertical bathroom wall tiles in the bathroom. As opposed to using larger tiles that are stacked in a uniformed and organised way, we’re seeing more choose smaller, thinner tiles to stack vertically.

This interesting take on tiled bathroom walling creates a whole new dynamic for the bathroom. And if you’re searching for 2024 bathroom trends for small bathrooms, this idea can give off the effect of a larger room. 

A Surprise Statement Piece to Impress

Current bathroom styles include spa bathrooms, modern masterpieces, and indulgent wet rooms. But with everyone doing the same things, is there any more opportunity to be unique with your bathroom design? 

We think there is – by adding a surprise statement piece. This could be absolutely anything, it just needs to be a pleasant surprise in a well-designed bathroom and make a big impact and a lasting impression. 

Think a decadent chandelier for your bathroom lighting, a geometric floor pattern, or an extravagant vintage chest of drawers. The goal with this 2024 bathroom trend is to offer something new and different, while also making your bathroom timeless in its style. 

Future Bathroom Trend: Smart Bathroom Technology 

Smart homes have been all the rage recently, which has led people to the realisation that the bathroom is a wonderful place to make full use of the incredible technology of the future. 

Smart bathroom technology can deliver some pretty outstanding benefits, making us fully believe this is a 2024 bathroom trend to get behind. Smart technology can make our lives easier, encourage a more sustainable way of living, and even save us money on water and electricity bills. 

Some smart bathroom technology features on our radar include:

  • Motion-activated, no-touch taps 
  • Smart shower systems 
  • Voice-activated systems 
  • Smart bathroom mirrors with Bluetooth and anti-fog technology

This is one of those incredibly valuable bathroom trends to be aware of, as this truly is the future of bathrooms. So by jumping on smart technology in the bathroom early on, you can beat the rush and start enjoying the benefits before this becomes the norm. 

Black and White Bathroom Renovations

Monochrome or black-and-white bathrooms are something that will not go out of style soon, if ever. Adding a touch of black to your white bathroom is a great way to be a bit different to popular all-white bathrooms. 

Black and white bathroom renovations are loved for plenty of reasons, such as being a timeless design – we don’t see this ever going out of style. Plus, it’s simple, yet, when done well, can be incredibly good-looking. 

Black and white bathrooms are ideal for people who don’t want to go too overboard with their new bathroom design. Not everyone is a fan of bold colours and norm-challenging styles, and that’s okay! If you want to fit a new bathroom in 2024, always remember that you want your bathroom to work for you in the way it looks and functions. 

Wet Rooms and Shower Enclosures Instead of Baths

Are you a bath or shower person? Well, it would seem that there are more shower lovers than bath enthusiasts as we head into the new year. Our local bathroom contractors in Norfolk have been hard at work all year fitting and supplying new bathrooms for their local communities. 

As we reflect on these past bathroom projects, we’re noticing that there are a lot of people who are making the call to rip out their current bathtub and instead use the extra space created to fit a spacious, extravagant shower area. 

Whether people are opting for a grand shower enclosure or a full wet room in place of their old bathtub, the fact remains the same – this is a 2024 bathroom trend that seems to be going strong. Check out this bathroom fitting in Swaffham, Norfolk project where we took out this customer’s bathtub to create a stunning contemporary wet room. 

Not Your Usual Bathroom Finishes 

Bathrooms are made up of different elements and materials. Some of the most popular are ceramic, glass, tiles and porcelain to name a few. These elements are mostly subtle, but they play a big part in how a bathroom looks and makes you feel. Strikingly sharp materials like glass and metal create a more streamlined aesthetic, wood can add to a rustic paradise, and ceramic and marble can provide a luxurious, otherworldly oasis. 

However, we’ve noticed that a few clever individuals are seeing the materials and elements they use as a great way to make their bathroom more original. These are materials that may be uncommon to be seen in the bathroom, but we don’t think that’s going to be the case for much longer. 

Here are some bathroom materials you should consider in the new year:

  • Terrific Terrazzo – This material that has been made from marble chippings set in cement offers a unique, quirky look for a bathroom. 

Mysterious Gun Metal – Gun metal bathrooms are edgy, dramatic and luxurious. Their beautiful subtlety is what draws you in.

  • Splendid Brushed Brass – A brass that has been cured to give off a duller finish, brushed brass is a golden brown element to fall in love with. 

More, More and More Colour 

Last on our list of 2024 bathroom trends is more colour in general. As we take on more and more bathroom fitting projects in Norfolk, our team are noticing a growing infatuation with bathrooms becoming more colourful. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of designing a “dull and boring” bathroom. As it’s sometimes seen as a not-so-important room and just somewhere to do your business, bathrooms sometimes don’t see the love they deserve, but that’s changing.

It’s not that people are splattering different bold and bright colours all over their bathrooms for the sake of it. It would seem this 2024 bathroom colour trend is simply about using colour to give the bathroom more personality and character. Whether that’s with a soft pink tone or a moody dark blue hue. 

Last Word on 2024 Bathroom Trends 

Remember that 2024 bathroom trends aren’t orders on what you should be doing with your bathroom – you can take them or leave them. Whatever you decide, it’s worth hearing what’s trending for your own inspiration and idea generations. 

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