The new year always comes with talk of the latest trends in everything – social media, construction, cooking, and, of course, bathrooms. As an established bathroom design and installation company, we know more than most when it comes to bathroom trends.

In this blog, we’ve included popular trends seen in our customer’s bathrooms, things we’d like to keep seeing more of, and the ideas that everyone is talking about. If you’re in dire need of bathroom ideas or inspiration or just curious to see what’s hot, this is the bathroom blog post for you.

Lighter Tones, but Not White 

The first bathroom trend we’re taking a closer look at is the idea of using lighter tones of colour in your bathroom, rather than white. Light and neutral tones of colour have been trending in design for quite a while, but so has using white as your main colour of choice.

What we’re seeing is more people opting for those lovely lighter colours, such as baby pink, sky blue and tea green, over the standard and plain white, and we’re all for it. Having a dash of colour in your bathroom helps to provide the room with character and make it more unique, but it’s these lighter tones that will help elevate the look of your bathroom, as opposed to bold colouring which can make the room too loud with colour.

Decorative Lighting 

As more and more people are choosing to renovate their bathrooms, we are all looking for new and distinct ways to make our bathrooms stand out. Some choose to go big with this goal and install grand new shower enclosures into their bathroom or pick the hydrowall that stands out most, but some choose to go with the more subtle approach.

We’re seeing more of our customers opt for some form of decorative lighting in their bathroom as a small way of giving their bathroom a little something special. With the range of lighting available, you can go quirky with an unusually interesting style or go for luxury with elegant decorative lighting pieces.

Mix & Match Tiles

It used to be the case that a bathroom should remain consistent in its design, especially where walling is concerned; all four corners should match one another. As we said, that used to be the case, but now, others are challenging this idea.

They are choosing to mix and match their tiling to create a new personalised style. We know that some of you may be imagining that there is no way such a thing could look good, but you’d be mistaken. We’ve seen several bathrooms choose this mix-and-match approach and the results have been incredible.

Japandi Design

Have you heard about this latest design craze? As you may have guessed, Japandi design blends Scandinavian and Japanese designs together to create a look that is both smooth and sharp at the same time.

It’s hard to imagine that these two countries have much in common, but when it comes to design, they apparently work incredibly well together. Japandi takes the elements of Scandi design and Japanese design and combines them. Introducing this design trend into your bathroom will give you the cosiness and rusticity of Scandinavian design and the cutting-edge functionality and feel of Japanese design.

Blending Styles 

This idea of blending styles in the bathroom is not new, but it is becoming more popular as we transition into 2023. Going down this route with your bathroom can be extremely rewarding when you get it right, when you have successfully blended different styles to create something new entirely.

Though amazing to see when it is pulled off, it is not easy to master. What you must keep in mind is that some styles will work being blended together, whereas others just simply won’t. To get you thinking on the right track, some styles that blend well together will be rustic and vintage, contemporary and minimalist and the favourite, blending modern with traditional.

The Bathtub as a Focal Point

When it comes to bathrooms that include a bathtub, we often see that it is pushed aside in the room’s layout, tucked into a corner or pushed up against a wall. Despite this being common practice for most bathrooms, some have chosen for the bathtub to act as the focal point of the room.

What is a focal point in a room? This is the thing that attracts the attention of your eyes and often everything else in the room is centred around it. For example in the living room, the focal point may be the television or fireplace, and in the bedroom, it’s the bed.

Having your bathtub as the focal point in your bathroom makes that the show stealer of the room and makes bathing more special and more of an experience; you know that everything around you is focused on you and at your disposal.

Irregular Mirrors 

Similar to the trend of introducing decorative lighting into your bathroom, having irregular mirrors as part of your design plays the same role – it’s a small but prominent way of expressing uniqueness and individuality in your bathroom.

Interestingly-odd mirrors are great for when you have guests visiting; you will likely find them reference and comment fondly on your quirky mirror and it’ll be sure to put a smile on their faces.

All White Walls & Cabinetry 

Dissimilar to the first trend is the idea of opting for an all-white look for your bathroom. This is taking the bright, light and white theme to new heights where it’s not just the walls that are coloured white, but also the cabinetry.

With this approach, what you create is a bathroom that is seamlessly and simplistically beautiful; it also has the bonus that when you do want to add some colour to spice things up, it stands out drastically, which is great if that is your goal. So many are choosing this style for their bathroom and while it may be a pain to keep clean, it’s so worth it for the aesthetic received.

Gold Accents 

To finish off our list, we have the cherry on top of trends. Introduce gold accents into your bathroom. Gold has a great way of elevating a bathroom’s style and feel, it also highlights things like bathroom accessories and furniture really well.

After all, who doesn’t love a little touch of gold every now and again? We know we do and we think gold accents are the perfect option for anyone hoping to add a touch of glamour to their bathroom but in a subtle way.

In Conclusion 

There you have our top nine 2023 bathroom trends – what they are and why we love them. If you’re hoping for a new bathroom this new year and are feeling inspired, you can talk to our team right now and we can see how we can help you to create something magnificent.